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What Kind of Organization is This?!

Happy {almost} 2011 everyone! I’m not much of a resolutions kind of person, but I do wholeheartedly embrace a new year as a new beginning. So, in a very non-resolutions kind of way, I decided to get a jump start on spring cleaning, and get organized for the new year! It’s a great feeling to get things thinned out, prioritized, properly displayed and in place to start off a new season.The other great part about organizing is being able to get rid of things you don’t need or use anymore. Thrift Town is proud to support locally run charities through its purchasing of clothes & household goods for its stores, and you help that cause by donating your goods to those charities. Check out our donation page for info on where to bring your donations once you’re done organizing!

ORGANIZING: New Year, New Closet Makeover.

We all have clothes we don’t wear, but still keep around. It’s time to get rid of what doesn’t work & makeover your closet. It doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul with fancy inserts & complicated organizing systems. Work with what you have.

Empty the closet, then try on each garment in front of a full-length mirror. Ask yourself:

  • Is this a quality piece that I enjoy wearing & feel good about how I look when I do?
  • Does it fit the body I have right now well (not the one you had 5 years ago or the one you want to someday have)?
  • With what outfits and on what occasions will I wear it? It may be a great piece but if you don’t & won’t wear it, donate it.
  • Does it need mending? If so, is it really a mend I will make, or get done? Will I ever be able to get out that ink stain?

Separate pieces into four piles: keep, mend, donate, throw away. Follow the same steps for shoes. Now you can start organizing the keepers. Pack away clothes & shoes that aren’t for the current season to give more space & visual clarity in your everyday closet. I’ve found that the clear plastic zip-up bags that comforters come in are great for storing out of season clothes & shoes.  Just write on a piece of paper to label & slide it inside the bag facing out. Gather up all the donate piles and drop them off!

**Even if your closet stays chaotic, you can still simplify your A.M. routine with this quick idea: Mount a hook outside your closet and use it to hang up whatever outfit you select the night before.

“Looks Good” List
As you try on clothes, document which items make flattering ensembles, and create lists for different seasons and occasions: summer weekends, winter work outfits. It’ll pay off the next time you’re packing for a vacation or prepping for a big meeting and don’t have time to play dress-up.

I was able to find a great plastic roller drawer set at Thrift Town, as well as a number of square wicker baskets for further organizing my closet space. Cute thrifted photo boxes & hat boxes  round out my closet for a sweet, girly, yet functional space. I also went through and got rid of all those pesky wire hangers, and got a bunch of colored plastic ones at TT to replace them. Feels so good to have it all neat & tidy! I must admit though – I wasn’t able to resist shopping at Thrift Town {again} when I went to donate everything I’d just taken out of my closet…

All in all, I spent well under a day, and under $30 for my new year, new closet makeover. Not bad!

Happy Thrift-Organizing! – Kari

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Do you shop thrift when you get organized?
What’s your best get & stay organized tip?

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