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Successfully canning fruit, veggies or anything edible is a science and an art. I recently had a wonderful canning party with some girlfriends and was able to share my delicious persimmon ginger jam with friends and family.

After the party was over, we had a handful of mason jars left over and began discussing the many wonderful uses for them. I was inspired to make something cute for my house with my leftover jars.

The next day I was in Thrift Town (surprise.) and came across mason jars, all different sizes. I wouldn’t have thought to go there looking for them, but it got me thinking. While you do need new lids (for seal integrity purposes) if you’re canning, secondhand mason jars are perfect for a myriad of delightful projects. For your inspiration, I’ve gathered together a couple ideas for mason jar repurposing. Follow the links for instructions on each project and happy canning!

HERB GARDEN. found here.
You can grow any small-container plant in these jars. The perfect size for a friendly windowsill, they will get plenty of sunlight without worry of a mess if knocked over.

. . . . .

CRAFT STORAGE. found here on
Store craft supplies, organize nuts & bolts in your garage, or use in a home office for pens & paperclips.

. . . . .

SOAP DISPENSER. found here on
It doesn’t have to be just soap though – this is a great idea for the kitchen too! Honey, coffee syrups, cooking oils… pick up different pump styles at your local craft store and make over your kitchen accessories.

. . . . .

FUN DRINKS. found here on
Whether it’s lemonade or hot cocoa, these little mason mugs are sure to add a little extra somethin’.

. . . . . .

LANTERN. found here on
Here’s the simple electrical version, gorgeous & rustic over a dining room table.

or you can do a bit grander scale, outdoors with candles: lovely.

. . . . . .

MORE PROJECTS. this blog has 48 different ideas for jars – recipes, projects, gifts & more!
There is so much room to be creative and put your own spin on any of these projects.

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Do you make projects from secondhand glassware?

Let us know if you try out any of our fun mason jar projects!
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  1. Fun ideas Kari – thanks for sharing! Repurposing things lets one’s creative side blossom!

  2. What fabulous ideas! My farm family uses many glass jars for canning, Kombucha, etc. and we constantly look for jars (especially lids!) @ the thrift stores but often exchange our latest collection with each other to turn into something else.

    We have a LOT of baby food jars lately! Have any ideas for those?

    I’m going to try a couple of these ideas & I’ll post my results (with a link to your blog) on my Living The Goodwill Life blog!

  3. I never thought of some of those projects. Thank you for posting this!

    As for the lady asking re: baby food jars
    They great for separating smaller sewing notions (snaps, buttons, etc.), beads, & kids craft items (puff balls, glitter, and googly eyes).

    And, you can make mini candles in them to give as gifts!

  4. Bernadette Moya

    So creative, didn’t know you can do those kinda things to jars. I especially like the idea of the tree lanters so beautiful and night.

  5. Kathy Swann

    I make homemade syrup and store it in mason jars. I thought it would be real handy to find a syrup dispenser lid that would fit a regular mouth mason jar. The only thing that comes close are the soap dispenser lids and I don’t think that would work. Are you aware of any such product?

    I love to shop at thrift stores and enjoyed your ideas!

  6. Kathy, no such product exists in stores (to my knowledge), but I make one for my Etsy shop. Here is a link: