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Happy Thursday, folks! Here at Thrift Town, we love hearing from you, our loyal and thrifty customers. It’s so great to see pictures & hear the stories behind the treasures you find and the creative ways you incorporate them into your lives. And Thrift Town’s quarterly “What a Find” contest is a great way for us to show off what you all have sent in and celebrate thrift together. As always, it was hard to choose for each category, but we’ve narrowed it down and notified the lucky winners. Each of our featured winners received a $25 Thrift Town Gift Card prize. This is an ongoing contest for us, so if you have something fabulous to share – send it in!

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Best DIY:  Heidi M. Sacramento
Outdoor curtains made with 2 sets of curtains and a waterproof patio furniture cover, cut to serve as the outside, protective layer of the homemade awnings (all discovered on the cheap at either Thrift Town or Deseret Industries).

The curtains are hung with copper pipe and fittings (which match the peach-color of the fabric), serving as a convertible (awnings are hung at 45-degree angles, and can be dropped down easily for weather-related purposes) privacy mechanism.  On the shorter side of the patio, where the stone hearth is, shorter curtains were hung from chains (spray-painted a copper color) that are attached to the ceiling, which hold another copper pipe cut to size.  Decorative tiebacks and accents are incorporated with the curtains and throughout the patio, making for a cozy, homemade backyard sanctuary!  Total cost = $200 +.

I hope you enjoy my “fabulous finds” as much as I do!  It’s so much fun to find such deals and put a little heart and soul into inexpensive, yet rewarding projects!!

Heidi – these are fabulous! I want to come hang out in your backyard, it’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your thrifty DIY saavy ways – we’re inspired!

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BEST Furniture: Fabulous retro yellow chair: Jennifer I. Fort Worth, Texas
Every house has a corner or place seeking a happy touch.  This yellow chair with its vintage style creates a perky retro vibe in any house.

Purchased at North Richland Hills, Texas for $9.99.  But, by using a $5 coupon with a $15 purchase and a purchase of a book, a necklace, this yellow chair-the price of the chair could be considered $4.99.

Jennifer – this chair is adorable! It’s great when our customers take advantage of our coupons & sale days to be able to find that perfect piece for an even better price. Congrats!

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BEST Collectible: Melissa N. TX

My submission for the What a Find contest is a Vintage Coleman one-burner “Sportster” camp stove. I bought it at the Thrift Town in N Richland Hills, TX.

I paid $6, and it is in really great condition! It came with the original box, instructions, and warranty. Our family has used it a couple times so far, and we really like how well it works! From my research online, this exact item is selling for as much as $85 for a stove in good, working condition (same condition as ours).

Melissa – This is great! Camping gear can be so expensive to buy new – it’s awesome that you can have fun times with your family for a long time to come with this.

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BEST FASHION: Rozafelle D. C. , Store Location: El Sobrante , Cost: $1.99

She found some amazing Chanel earrings – we loved it so much we’ve already done a blog post on it. Check out her find here!

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Do you have a great Thrift Town find to share? Please do!

Which of our winners’ finds do you like the best?

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  1. Debbie Pettigrew

    I’m looking for re-sale furniture. I’m having a hard time finding how to view what you have online.
    Can you help?

  2. Bernadette Moya

    The colors on the patio is bright and relaxing.

  3. What a beautiful patio! Congradualtions to the winners!!