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It’s still a little hard to believe… but it’s true:

Last week we told you all about our sweater sale, and had a grande ole time doing the sweater fashion shoot to spread the love. Everyone knows sweaters are for wearing in the cold… but what many don’t think of are all the other awesome things you can do with sweaters.
And honestly, at $0.99 each – why wouldn’t you?

We had a bunch of sweater-centric DIY ideas on our own, but then we started perusing Pinterest (it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it), and were totally inspired by the sheer ingenuity of the crafty people of the internet. With sweaters only being $0.99 at the sale, you can definitely afford to get a little crafty! To make it easy for you, we made a special DIY sweater-themed board.


Here’s a couple of our favorites:


Anything is cozier with sweater material wrapped around it. This is simply sweater sleeves around a vase and a candle. Add a little twine, ribbon or other embellishment and you’ve got a unique & changeable addition to your decor.


Secondhand pillows in less than desireable patterns get a simple makeover with sweaters!
Dress it up with rosettes or a button to hold the material in place. A great way to add texture and warmth to any room.


The great thing about any of these projects is that they are 100% customizable.
This wreath would look completely different if you chose to make it from all dark colored sweaters.
There’s a limitless variety of colors, textures & weights that you can play with to create what you like.


This might be my personal favorite, mainly because I’ve actually done this and love it.
Cut sleeves off a sweater, sew the cut edge to keep from fraying, and slip on over your jeans & under your boots. So cute!


Big chunky bangles like these are easy to come by at Thrift Town. This project is as simple as cutting the sweater in strips, wrap, stretch, pin, sew, WEAR! Turn the sewn edge to the inside of your new bracelet and you’re done.


This one surprised me – would never have thought to cover a lampshade with sweater material.
But you know what? It’s so different to have that kind of texture on a lamp, I think I really love it.


Hope this gets your creative juices going and excited for our sweater sale!
For more info or step-by-step help on any of these projects, visit our DIY sweater board
and follow the link at the bottom right of the image for the project you’re interested in.



You’re coming to the sale…. right??

Do you sweater-DIY? Show us what you’ve got!

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  1. Lauralyn Johnson

    Good Morning! My husband and I love shopping at Thrift Town for sweaters! That’s because we unravel the sweaters, wind the yarn into balls, and use the yarn to make hand-punched rugs! Last year my husband won first place at the New Mexico State Fair!!! (I have some photos if you’d like to see the rugs.) Thank you for helping us make these possible!

  2. Love the sweater wreath. Too cool!