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When it comes to fashion in the springtime, you can be a slave to the trends of the season, or you can embrace your own personal style and make it weather-wearable. I have an all secondhand wardrobe that isn’t dictated by trends coming and going. Since it’s so stinking gorgeous outside, and everyone’s in that spring wardrobe kinda mood, I thought I’d share a couple convertible staples that don’t have an expiration date.

PENCIL ME IN. For business, add a springy pop to your corporate look with a bold pencil skirt.
Professional meets creativity. You can add an interesting pattern on top.

This is a denim version of the traditional pencil skirt. It has a little bit of stretch and moves well.
Paired with an intricately crocheted top and belted with heels, it makes it a little more approachable.

MATCHY METALS. Keep your eyes peeled for metallic sandals to pair with your jewelry.
These thrifted bronze sandals are a warm-weather staple for me, and look so cute with my bronze necklaces.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. This skirt is/was the dress from the previous picture. Look at each piece as having more than one function. Wearing it here folded down with a comfy long sleeved thermal and boots is a little bit more of a pulled-together look than throwing it on as a dress.

SHIRT-DRESS-IT UP. Collar + dress + easy wearing = the perfect spring outfit.
Layer it or wear it plain. Add boots or sandals or heels, it’s up to you!

THROW A LID ON IT. These hats are fun, and so warm weather friendly.
Get a little shade, add a little style… you can add this to a super simple
outfit and all of a sudden, you’re a fashionista.



What are your spring must-have fashion pieces?

What do you think of our fashion tips?

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1 Comment

  1. You look so cute in all of the outfits. You really have great fashion sense and you are also as pretty as any of the models in the magazines too!