October Fever: Orange & Black.

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It’s October, and you know what that means: Halloween and BASEBALL.

It kinda works out that this year, they happen to share the same colors. We’ve already shown you some ideas for great Halloween costumes, but there are just so many to choose from when shopping Thrift Town, we couldn’t just leave it at one post.


Is your little one the sweetest? Sugar her up as a gumball machine!
This is such an easy DIY costume that people will be talking about:

— In the little girl’s section grab a red shirt, beanie, tights and skirt.
— Then to housewares for a big clear bowl.
— Put enough gumballs in to cover the bottom of the bowl and fill the rest with stuffing or whatever you’d like.
— Cover the top of the bowl with paper & use red tape to secure it.
— Attach red ribbon on the sides of the bowl to wear around the neck
— Cut paper dispenser parts for the front.

What a little sweetie!


 Ok, so this one’s a little more gruesome, but what an original idea!

— Grab a big coat at Thrift Town for around $5, and stuff it.
— Swing by the accessories and get a pair of gloves, and stuff those.
— Now cut the bottom out of a plastic snack tub, (with some extra holes in the top for good measure)
— Assemble and attach the gloves to the front so it looks like it’s holding the jar…

And you’ve got a creepy science project gone wrong for well under $20.


We’ve been all over, showing off our thrifty costume ideas, and the TV stations just can’t get enough! We showed off these sparkly gowns this past week. Doesn’t every little girl want to be a princess? It’s not all DIY costumes when it comes to Thrift Town. You can make a bee-line for the racks of costumes and walk out with a princess dress for your little darling and she’ll be the belle of the ball.


SPEAKING of balls, how ’bout them GIANTS??

If you aren’t into sports, I can imagine you’re probably getting sick of the baseball fever right about now. But it really does seem like suddenly everyone is a fan, edging on fanatic! We thought it was only appropriate to share a bit of our baseball love with you all.

Do you know how expensive baseball gear is? Well, turns out, our Bay area stores are loaded with it! Feed the fever, baby! Get your gear and show some spirit for pennies on the dollar.

Grab some while it’s there and send us a pic of you all decked out!



What are your great costume ideas?

Are you a baseball fan? Send us your thrifty gear pics!

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