Mommy Moments; Turn Old Picture Frames into Trays

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It’s kinda my thing to find a high end design and use recreate it using thrifted items for a fraction of the cost. I did just that with today’s DIY blog topic. I was inspired by an HGTV image I saw where they turned a beautiful picture frame into a serving tray. I saw it and thought, I can do that for under $10! So I did, and debuted the trays on my Good Day Sacramento Thrifty Thursday segment. Come see how they turned out…

Depending on how elaborate you wish to make your project, this is a relatively easy DIY, especially if you read and learn from my mistakes below. Here’s my first frame victim.

This started as your basic everyday wood frame which I picked up at Thrift Town for $2.99. I spray painted it orange and cut a piece of decorative vinyl out and glued it to the wood frame backing. I secured it back into place and DONE. Super easy. BTW, all the glassware, vase, corkscrew, and votive candle I got at Thrift Town too. Everything included cost less than $10 to create. This would be a fun piece to put out for a backyard party. I dipped the bottoms of the wine glasses into chalkboard paint so you have a cute way of remembering which glass is yours. You can also switch up the look of this tray by changing the vinyl with decorative or seasonal paper, be it scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or wall paper.


To turn the next frame into a tray, all I did was add drawer pulls. Seriously. That’s it. I found this pretty piece of framed art at Thrift Town for $4.99, and grabbed two drawer pulls at my local big box hardware store for $2/ea. It was a bit annoying to drill the holes in the frame in order to attach the drawer pulls/handles. That is until I came across this fantastic tip of using painter’s tape to create a template. Attach the tape onto where you wish to put the handles, and drill the holes. This eliminates any measuring (read eyeballing in my case) and chances are you’ll get it right the first time. This would make for a great housewarming, holiday, or birthday gift. Again, all accessories I got at Thrift Town, and all wine corks I got at my house…




I have a thing for chalkboard paint. I love it, and use it frequently in my projects. I did so with this frame. This would be great placed on a guestroom bed welcoming visitors. I first actually played with some glass etching paint to create the little design at the bottom right, and then chalkboard painted right over the top of the glass. Like the above, all items placed on the tray are from Thrift Town. The frame cost $1.99 and I did not repaint the frame itself, only the glass. This look was achieved for around $8.

Here’s my actual segment on Good Day Sacramento’s Thrifty Thursday:

Happy thrifting!

Gina Doglione-Nielsen is featured every week on Good Day Sacramento’s Thrifty Thursdays, and owns GNJ Consulting which handles Public, Social, and Media Relations for Thrift Town Stores. Gina lives in Northern California with her amazing husband Josh, and is constantly on the go with three “very active” and “strong personality” bambinos; aka Team Nielsen, and loves every minute of it.

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