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I made another trip to Thrift Town last week and found a multitude of sweaters and sweatshirts at great prices! I picked out one sweatshirt and one sweater to make over.  First, I made a “hippie hoodie” or “yoga hoodie” out of an old Eddie Bauer sweatshirt that I purchased for $3 at Thrift Town.

Hippie/Yoga Hoodie


Step 1: Pick out a sweatshirt. (I wasn’t too fond of the color yellow that my sweatshirt was so I dyed it green)

Step 2: Cut the zipper off of your sweatshirt and overlap the front fabric.

Step 3: Cut button holes in the top flap and sew buttons to the flap below it so that it stays overlapped.

Step 4: Wear in the chilly weather to climb trees, do yoga, or lounge around.

Next, I made a Guess brand sweater into a fringe sweater.  (I tailored the main body of the sweater first)

Fringe Sweater


Step 1: Cut off the band at the bottom of the sweater (save it for later).

Step 2:  Hem the bottom edge of the sweater to prevent fraying.

Step 3: Set aside, make fringe.

Sweater Fringe


 Step 1: Unravel the previously cut band. (It helps to wrap the threads into a ball like you would yarn)

Step 2:  Flat-iron the threads so that they are flat.

Step 3:  Measure how long you’d like your fringe to be and cut strands twice as long as what you measured. (for 12 inch fringe cut 24 inch strands and so on)

Step 4: Put a good number of strands together and fold them in half. Find a tool to pull them through the sweater.

Step 5: Using a crochet hook or twist-tie, start pulling groups of strands through the bottom hem of the sweater.

Step 6: Pull the loop through about an inch and then pull the other (cut) ends through the loop.

Step 7:  Repeat around the bottom edge of the sweater.

Step 8: Wear your fringe sweater.

I hope you guys enjoyed my blog post this week!




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  1. Awesome job Hailey! You are always so darn creative.

  2. Both of your projects are awesome. The fringe sweater is so cute. I would never have thought of doing that.
    Thanks for your ideas!