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20140308_134300Meet my husband. My wonderful, supportive husband.

My husband who sits in the car for HOURS, waiting for me while I shop. Don’t forget too, that he is my ticket to the 30% senior discount that Thrift Town offers to those age 60+ every Monday.

I finally convinced him that we should do a post about thrifting in the men’s department. It started off a little rocky. Unfortunately, the people waiting in the checkout line were standing right in front of the men’s jeans, blocking access to them.

I excused myself through the crowd to get to my husband’s size. Now, my husband is on the other side of the line of people with the buggy, so everyone is listening in on our conversation that goes something like this:

ME: “Honey, would you wear button fly?”

HUSBAND: “Those only work if you are young and not on diuretics.” “When you are on diuretics, you don’t have time to undo all those buttons.”

Needless to say, the line of people burst out laughing…and my husband did not get any jeans.

Moving on to the shirts, we were both surprised how many of them were brand new with tags! Too bad they were all too small for him, but here is a photo anyway.

20140308_151657All three of the short sleeve dress shirts are Stafford brand, sold at JCP. I don’t remember the brand of the golf shirt.

At one point, I was looking for stuff for me too in the men’s department, but I didn’t find anything.

Check out the two things my husband ended up buying…


First up is this Timberland Weathergear Windbreaker for $5.99. It’s windy a lot here in New Mexico…especially in the mountains where we live.

Here he is modeling it in the store:

20140308_140119Looking good honey!

Here is the other item he got, that he was really excited about finding:


It’s an authentic Guayabera shirt! The price? $5.99. Here in New Mexico people call it a wedding shirt.

Why was my husband so excited? Because this is the shirt you wear when smoking cigars!

Exhibit A:


In my husband’s spare time he writes cigar reviews, which means he smokes a lot of cigars. I never knew about the Guayabera until my husband wrote an article about it that I contributed too. He may be the cigar expert but I’m the fashion expert.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my husband, and my little detour to the men’s department at Thrift Town.

AARP Darlene Fadem

Darlene Fadem is a wife and mother with two sons in college. She’s OBVIOUSLY over 50, hence the name Thrifty Over 50. She admits to being a label hunter when thrifting, but pleads the fifth to everything else. 😉 When she’s not thrifting she is teaching five year olds how to read, write and be fashionable! You can also find her styling looks on her fashion blog for older women


  1. Awsome!! Love the shirt!!