Perfect Springtime Pants

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Now that spring has sprung, it’s time for some cute jeans! I found two pairs of jeans that I loved and bought them together for under $10! I thought that they could use a little extra detail, so I made them my own!

Crochet Bellbottoms


  Step 1: find a a pair of jeans (preferably wide leg)

Step 2: Find some crochet that would look cute sewn into the side of your pant leg. (I bought my crochet at Thrift Town for $1.99) It is important to make sure that the crochet you sew into your jeans is wide at the bottom and tapers into a point at the knee.

Step 3: Cut the crochet into two identical triangles.

Step 4: Cut the seams of your pant legs from bottom hem to the knee

Step 5 (not shown): Use fabric glue, iron-on adhesive, or sew your crochet onto the jeans. Make sure that the wide end of your fabric ends up on the bottom of your jeans.

Step 6: Wear those crochet bellbottoms!


Chic Patchwork Jeans


Step 1: Find some nicely patterned fabric(s) that you would like to use.

Step 2: Cut out designs for patches. One of the fabrics that I used had flowers on it, so I cut them out with a bit of room around the edges to make sewing easier.

Step 3: Sew patches to your jeans.

Step 4: Wear your cute, patchworked jeans proudly!


I hope that you guys enjoyed my blog!




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  1. S. Jones

    love, love,love both ideas!