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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thrift Town consign merchandise?

No. Thrift Town purchases its top-quality gently-used merchandise from local schools and nonprofit s organizations through its partnership with ReUseIt. Thrift Town does NOT purchase merchandise from individuals outside of their contracts with ReUseIt, nor does Thrift Town offer any type of consignment arrangements. If you would like to generously donate your usable clothing and household items to one of the local schools or nonprofit organizations that works with ReUseIt, please see the DONATE section of the website for more information on the Clothing & Household Recycling Programs that help make a difference in our local communities. Thank you for your support.

How does Thrift Town get its merchandise?

Thrift Town is a for-profit business that buys merchandise from ReUseIt who works directly with several local schools and nonprofit organizations. The money raised from selling the recycled goods to Thrift Town through ReUseIt enables local schools and nonprofit organizations to generate important funding for programs and services available within our local communities. Since 1972 Thrift Town/NSC has helped generate over $250 million dollars for local schools and nonprofit organizations. Thrift Town is proud to be part of such a meaningful and worthwhile fundraising effort.

What does Thrift Town do with the stuff it can’t sell?

Thrift Town is fully commitment to responsible recycling, so any merchandise not suitable for sale at Thrift Town is sold to third party vendors who either use the material to manufacture other products and/or distribute the clothing to third world countries. Although it takes more work, this extra step in recycling is much better than adding more stuff to our landfills.

Has everything for sale in Thrift Town been donated to the store?

No. Nothing is ever donated to Thrift Town. Thrift Town PURCHASES its merchandise through its partnership with ReUseIt.

Is the school or charity paid fairly?

Yes. Thrift Town is always aware of the current open market rates for usable clothing and household items, and takes great pride in continuously paying top dollar (above fair market value) to ReUseIt for the merchandise. ReUseIt, through its Service Agreements, always guarantees a majority of the net proceeds to the locals schools and nonprofit organizations.

When people donate to the school or charity, are they informed that their donations are going to be sold for fundraising purposes?

Yes. Per contractual agreements, donors are informed via the tax receipts and other marketing materials that their donations will be sold by ReUseIt in order to generate vital funds for the school or nonprofit.

How much money do the schools and nonprofit organizations actually make?

Due to standard retail business cycles, income to the schools and nonprofit organizations varies by month per individual market. Since 1972, the business partnerships combined have generated over $250 million dollars for local schools and nonprofit organizations.

Do the schools and nonprofit organizations depend on the money being raised through clothing and household recycling program?

Yes. In many cases, this source of income represents an important part of the schools or nonprofit organization’s overall budget and is used to fund programs and services that might not be available without this source of funding.

Does Thrift Town get a tax break for buying all of its merchandise from charity?
No. Thrift Town operates like any other for-profit retailer, and not only pays ALL local, state and federal taxes, but also pays labor, rent, cost of goods, insurances and other standard business expenses.