Adorable Little Teacups for Mom!

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Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and with that special occasion often come tea parties! In fact, our church recently hosted both a women’s retreat and a ladies’ tea and the theme to both, “Fill Your Cup”, presented a perfect opportunity to feature thrifted tea cups from Thrift Town!

So often we see little single tea cups & saucers come through our stores and I often wonder about their story. I find these little single teacups fascinating and beautiful in their own special way.  I find myself wondering how they broke away from their original tea or china set? Who owned them before and how many stories have been shared over a cup of tea?  

Mother’s Day, Tea Parties and even Outdoor Bird Watching provide fabulous opportunities to breathe new life into these little, lost teacups.  So, I went on a teacup hunt at Thrift Town and purchased over 50 little teacups & saucers all for $0.69-$1.99 each!



The retreat committee made the cups and saucers into beautiful succulent planters that were used as part of the event decorations and as take-away gifts for the retreat guests. These little gifts make fabulous Mother’s Day gifts as well!

Here is all you need! 

  • Cactus potting soil
  • Gravel
  • Activated carbon (optional – help purify excess water and absorb odor).
  • Teacup
  • 2-inch succulent plant



He  re are the five simple steps! 

Step 1: Pick You Teacup

Step 2: Add a little gravel to the cup

Step 3: Mix activated charcoal with potting soil and put on top of gravel

Step 4:  Add Succulent

Step 5:  Decorate top of soil with more gravel

You can also make wonderful soy candles and whimsical bird feeders with these little teacups – which also make fabulous gifts for Mom!

See our Mother’s Day Inspiration   Pinterest Board for additional teacup ideas and other fun, thrifty DIY project for Mom!




Wend  y Steinmetz is a guest blogger and is the Vice President of Marketing and one of the owners of Thrift Town. You may recognize her from many Good Day Sacramento Thrifting segments on the morning show or our Facebook Live videos. Wendy is full of great ideas and loves to craft and entertain.  She owned an event planning business when she was in college.


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