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Sometimes it takes a shift in routine to realize what you’ve got. I am in the process of moving, and it was only when I started gathering similar things to box up that I realized how many awesome thrifted baskets I have around my house. I use them for everything!
With most under $5, it’s a great cheap chic way to store things out in the open.




My bathroom doesn’t have a lot of built in storage so I found
the perfect basket for having the essentials near the sink.




Straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, brushes… zero storage under the sink.
I simply hung this basket with a few small hooks in the back and it’s all accessible
and up off the floor.




A pretty spot for my cozy thrifted scarves.




Perfect compliment to my vintage towel crate, this laundry basket was $5.99.




Whether it’s corralling kid’s toys or a tray for the ottoman,
I stinkin’ love using cute baskets.




And then there’s a basket for possibly my favorite thing: keeping cozy blankets in for snuggling on the couch. This basket was $4.99, and the blanket was $5.99.
Go check out all the cute home goods at Thrift Town, then tag us in a picture!
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Happy Thrifting! — Kari



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