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LITTLE LADY OUT TO LUNCH There are pring, summer, fall and winter colors, and then there are classics. I try not to put too much black on my little one but I also shy away from busy frothy pink and sparkles – there’s a Read More →

Mommy Moments: Dresser Turned BBQ Station!

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Dresser turned BBQ station! Read More →

Summer// Fair Outfit Ideas

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It’s Fair season!! The summer is filled with fun festivals, markets, and street fairs especially in the Sacramento and Placer County areas. While I’m home for the summer, I thought I’d put together the perfect fair and summer outfit ideas blog. I also Read More →

Double Duty

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Hello! We are right in the middle of summer vacation season so of course I headed to my local Thrift Town here in Albuquerque, New Mexico to shop for my trip to Vegas!! First, can I say that all those fancy, schmancy  stores Read More →


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STATE FAIR SILLINESS Here in California, it’s time for the State Fair! I’m a bit spoiled, living in the state capitol of Sacramento that the fair comes to my city every year, just a 15min drive away. Last year, my daughter was 3 Read More →

Mommy Moments: Summer Ready Baskets!

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Read how to easily create summer ready baskets! Read More →

Summer Style

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During my last adventure to Thrift Town, I bought three cute skirts. They are breezy and perfect for warm weather! This blue fairy skirt is my personal favorite. ($5.99) This white skirt is comfortable and flowy! ($5.99) This cute skirt was $7.99, but Read More →

Thrift haul: 4th of July 50% off sale at Thrift Town!

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The 50% off sale at Thrift Town for the 4th of July weekend was beyond amazing. Lucky for me, I had the 3rd off (day of the sale) and was able to hit up two different Thrift Town stores! I was on a Read More →


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SURVIVAL CELEBRATION. WE DID IT! We successfully kept a tiny human alive for a whole goshdang year and that’s worth celebrating! Also, her. We should celebrate her. That she’s adorable, sweet, smart, _______ – she’s allthethings. We went to our annual week-long family Read More →

Mommy Moments: Chalk Paint Upholstery!

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Update upholstered furniture pieces with chalk paint! Read More →