The Gift of Thrift

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Infini-Tee Scarf Step 1: Find a tee-shirt that would look good as a scarf. What I mean by this is that your shirt should have a cool design or pattern on it. Mine had the album covers of a great band on the Read More →

Holiday Party and New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

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Happy Holidays fellow Thrift Town fans! This holiday season has been filled with lots of events, parties, laughter, cookie making, and friendships for me. It’s also the first year that I got myself a fun little festive Christmas tree, thrifted of course! I’ve Read More →

Thrifty Tween Styles Cozy Jackets!

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Check out these great jackets Gianna from Thrifty Tween Styles found at Thrift Town! Read More →

Mommy Moments; 3 Easy Recycled Gift Wrap Ideas

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Thrifted items used to create beautiful wrapped gifts! Read More →

SAVE YOUR MONEY & THE ENVIRONMENT~ with wrapping this year!

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Save your money and the environment with zero cost wrapping for the holidays! Is Santa busy with wrapping presents this year? Dont go out and spend dollars upon dollars in wrapping paper that ends up just getting thrown away in the end! All Read More →

My Birthday Thrift-A-Palooza!

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It all started as a random comment from one of my followers on Instagram. You can follow me there too if you want…@whosaprettygirl. Anyhow…he was telling me how for his daughter’s 14th birthday, she and a group of girlfriend’s went to their local Read More →

Maximize Your Space – 5min Hanging Organizers

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Everyone knows that January is the time to purge and organize, right? New year, fresh start, clean everything out. Well, I’m at home with a little one all day these days and I just can’t wait til January. These 4 walls are under Read More →

Holiday Elegance at Thrifty Prices

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Meet Andrea: good friend, incredible artist, event planner extraordinaire, and, to use her term, a walking rag-bag (note the oh-so-fashionable Hush Puppies). She and her boyfriend just scored tickets to The Nutcracker followed by some fancy-schmancy cocktail party and Andrea literally has nothing Read More →

Mommy Moments; Wax Transfer

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See how to do a wax transfer onto garden pots! Read More →

Loving Layers

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I love layered style but the trick is to choose the right combination of clothing to avoid the bulky look and feel.  Layer-friendly clothing starts with a thin base layer and what could be better than a flannel?  Flannels keep you warm and Read More →