Texas Blog Love.

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Big Blog, Better Prices. Here at Thrift Town, we love Thrift Town shoppers who are also bloggers. What better way to share the love of thrifting with the masses? Even better than a blogging customer: a VIP blogging customer! Our VIP members get Read More →

How-To: Fix a Woven Chair Seat

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Have a Seat! I needed a cheap seat, so of course I picked one up at Thrift Town. I found this nicely shaped, antique, wood chair for only $4.99. It was perfect- except for the huge hole in the seat. Even a cushion Read More →

Black, White & Read All Over.

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It’s Time Again for Fashion Friday! Bloggers in Texas, California, New Mexico & Utah have the unique thrifting advantage over other thrift bloggers in that they have access to a Thrift Town. There are quite a few such lucky bloggers in my hometown Read More →

How-To: REuse Old Sweaters

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Felt Happens. Don’t Cry – CREATE. Wool sweaters were not meant to be washed and dried…Take advantage of another person’s laundry mishaps (or, lets admit it, you’ve done it too.) FELT HAPPENS when you wash and dry anything 80% wool or greater that Read More →

Adorable Vintage Aprons!

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Any household task is more fun in a cute apron! I love Retro and thank goodness that I’m not alone. People today seem to be overwhelmed with very busy lives and an overload of technology, so much so that they are grasping at Read More →

Shop Green: Handmade Bags

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Don’t Just Buy Green – SHOP Green! Make your own green shopping bags! This project idea is from a customer: I thought you might be interested in this….I’m an avid “bring your own bag” to the grocery store person. I have canvas totes Read More →

How-To: Placemats to Pillows

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PLACEMATS TRANSFORMED! Turn two tropical place mats into a beautiful accent pillow. Tropical furnishings and accents are very popular. I made this tropical decorating accent in under an hour- and for only six dollars! (Note:The two pillowcases photographed behind the one I made Read More →

Couch Slip Up

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Can’t Afford A New Couch? Slipcover an old one from Thrift Town for a fresh new look! Buying an old couch plus a new slipcover is still much easier on the pocketbook than buying new. Slipcovers usually range from $70-$300 depending on where Read More →

How-To: Make a Duvet Cover

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You Can Make a Duvet! For a fun project, and a way to breathe new life into vintage linens and everyday sheets: DIRECTIONS: 1. Lay out larger of the two linens on the bottom, good side face up. 2. Lay smaller of the Read More →

Gorgeous Garden Glass

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This “Garden Delight” Project Idea is from a Customer. Sandra won a $25 Thrift Town Gift Card for her winning entry. Congratulations! . . . . .  .  .  .  .   .   .   .   .    .    . Read More →