Boho Chic Bracelet Bottle

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BOHO Chic Bracelet Bottle //

Reposting this blog. An oldie, but  goodie!

This fabulous decorative Bracelet Bottle holder is one of my favorite DIY projects yet! This DIY bottle is perfect for organizing and holding your bracelets or hair ties in your bathroom, on a counter or anywhere in your room or dorm! I love the way this bottle turned out because not only is it a way to organize and clean up your counters, but it also makes a great decorative piece to brighten your room up! The paint and bracelets complete each other creating the perfect, simple yet flashy look that every bathroom needs. As a college student, I can’t afford to be spending my hard earned money on house decor, that’s why this was the perfect fit! You can use a bottle that you’ve used (recycle) or find one of the many unique glass bottles at Thrift Town for a few dollars! You’ll be making your place look cute while helping out the environment!

FIRST STEP ~ Clean off the bottle, take any unwanted labels off the bottle.











SECOND STEP~ Set up a paint-safe zone so the paint doesn’t get on anything because IT WILL STAIN. I used spray paint, I recommend using spray paint because it leaves an even coat. Use caution when using this material because it is toxic to inhale. Use a mask while doing this procedure.










THIRD STEP~ Let it dry for 24 hours, I let mine sit outside because the smell is so strong, and very toxic.

FOURTH STEP~ Once it’s completely dry, bring it inside and start stacking up them bracelets! Depending on the size of your bottle, it could fit between 10-30 bracelets and hair ties.














I love how this turned out, try it and show us on instagram! @thrifttown #thrifttown





  IMG_3940-300x300Ali Futrell lives in San Francisco and attends the San Francisco Art Institute. She loves DIY projects and anything involving fashion or art. Being a starving student, she has come to realize thrifting is a great way to save money yet still look fashionable, and Thrift Town makes that possible! 🙂 #alisblog


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