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Mommy Moments; DIY Lampshades

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

See how I created easy, unique, and thrifty lampshades! Read More →

DIY Customized Lampshade

Posted on by stephanie | diy | thrift-store-decor

People remodel and redecorate their homes for a variety of reasons.  Maybe they’re just tired of their old look…or they’re inspired by a magazine layout or something on Pintrest.  Sometimes a life event can be the motivator – the last kid leaves the Read More →

Frolic In Fringe

I’ve noticed an increase in fringe skirts and dresses lately, and I love a great skirt. Rather than buy expensive fringe dresses and skirts for upwards of $99.00 retail, I thought it would be a rad idea to make my very own skirt Read More →

Mommy Moments; Dresser Turned Kitchen Island DIY

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

See how I upcycled a dresser I found at Thrift Town into a kitchen island! Read More →

DIY: Heels Make Over!

Posted on by ali | college-scene | diy | thrift-style

Hey ladies! I know some of us have those heels we’ve worn maybe just one too many times, or maybe want a new pair to spice things up, look no further than this blog! This is the perfect DIY to fix up heels Read More →

Mommy Moments- Easy, Thrifty, and Beautiful Tablescapes

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Though these tablescapes had a definite Valentine’s Day theme in mind, they really could work for any sort of party. The key is to be creative and layer. My segment theme was to create a “before 8″ and “after 8″ tablescape for the family. First up, my “before 8.” Read More →

Dresstival Season

With festival season approaching fast, every girl needs a good festival dress! I found my new favorite at Thrift Town for only $5.99! The only addition I made to this dress was the red ribbon on the back of the halter so that Read More →

Mommy Moments-Easy DIY Headboard

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

You maybe surprised with how easy it is to create your own unique and beautiful headboard! Read More →

Old Skis Can Still Be Useful

Posted on by Brandt Steinmetz | diy

Skis are a creative and innovative way to make yourself some new outdoor or even indoor furniture. Check out Thrift Town for some great deals on quality vintage skis! Read More →

Mommy Moments- DIY File Cabinet Makeover

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

I was leery of all the buzz surrounding making over file cabinets on Pinterest. Some look a little too amazing (seriously, you turned a file cabinet into a flower box?), and had me thinking that the file cabinets were in pretty great shape prior to someone fancying them up. However, when I came across this specimen at Thrift Town for $4.99 I grabbed it and put myself to the test. Check it out. Read More →