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Easy Last-Minute DIY Costume Ideas

Posted on by Kari | diy | thrift-style

HALLO-WEENIE. I have a major confession to make — I’m not a fan of Halloween. I know. It’s shocking. But before you write me off as un-American, hear me out. Most people who LOVE the holiday are into spooky stuff, right? Haunted houses, Read More →

Spooky Chic

I found a cute dress at Thrift Town for $5.99! I thought it could use some fringe under the arms, so I added to it! These steps also work for long-sleeved shirts. Spooky Chic ¬† Step 1: Gather bleach, a spray bottle, and Read More →

Spooky Skeletal Leggings

Every girl needs a good pair of black leggings! I found a cute pair on my last Thrift Town adventure, and thought that they could use a spooky touch for Halloween! Spooky Skeletal Leggings Step 1: Draw chalk outlines of the human skeleton Read More →

The Perfect Kid Gift in 4 Easy Steps.

Posted on by Kari | diy | mommy-moments | thrift-style

You grow up bickering with siblings, and can’t wait to have them out of your hair… and then you’re adults¬†and they are some of the most important people in your life. My sister and I fought and fought growing up, but now are Read More →

Tribal Tennies!

Posted on by ali | diy | uncategorized

The shoe section at Thrift Town is one of my favorite spots! There are hundreds of shoes to choose from which is why taking your time to find the right pair is very necessary. They have everything from boots, running shoes, sandals, dress Read More →