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Versatile Ways to Wear a Tapestry

I bought this cute tapestry/sarong at Thrift Town for $9.99 and quickly realized all of the ways that it could be worn. The first way is to simply fold it in half lengthwise twice and wear it as a scarf. The second way was Read More →

Thrift Town Glassware, Part 3 (And Lemonade Pie)

Posted on by stephanie | diy | thrift-store-decor

What my family calls Lemonade Pie is my absolutely most favorite summer dessert and now that I’m in charge of my own meals, the fact that it’s super easy to make and easy to keep the ingredients on hand means that I indulge Read More →

Mommy Moments; Patriotic Pride!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

5 fun and easy ways to show your patriotism in decorations! Read More →

DIY \\ 10 Ways to Cut Your Tee

Posted on by ali | college-scene | diy

10 WAYS TO CUT YOUR T-SHIRTS \\ I’m so excited to share with you the 10 new ways I created to cut any of your t-shirts! I found most of these t-shirts at Thrift Town in the mens section (for super cheap) and Read More →


Have you ever been scrolling through Etsy and found something adorable and then balked at the price? I know I’ve seen super cute projects that I’ve thought, “Oh I could make that! You want how much?!” Handmade can be expensive! Sometimes if you Read More →

Billowy Bell-Bottoms

I had a couple of pairs of pants that I felt would be more comfortable with a wider leg. I realized that everyone needs a good pair of bell-bottoms, so why not make my own with old scarves I had laying around? It Read More →

// DIY Halter Tops \\

Im so excited to share this DIY with everyone! It’s BY FAR one of my favorites because the final product is way too cute. I see halter tops all over but in my biased opinion, none of them are as adorable as this! Read More →

Mommy Moments; Turn Tank Tops Into Tote Bags!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Turn Tank Tops into Tote Bags! Full DIY in this edition of Mommy Moments. Read More →