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Mommy Moments; DIY Sewing Table Turned Bar Cart!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Turn an old frame sewing table into a bar cart! Read More →

Knotted Tee-Shirt Dress

As we all know, I’m a sucker for tee-shirts. I recently saw a cute tee-shirt dress with a knotted front  and fell in love with it immediately. I didn’t love the price tag however ($50!!). I found a long tee dress at Thrift Town Read More →

Mommy Moments; DIY Light Up Globe!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Turn an old world globe into a unique nightlight! Read More →

STYLING WONDERLAND: professional shoot, creative budget

SHOESTRING STYLIST. If you went to buy a cute outfit and were given the option at the register to pay way less for it, would you insist on paying more anyway? Of course not! A deal is a deal, man! Sometimes, just knowing where to look Read More →

Mommy Moments; 5 Easy & Fun Upcycling Ideas!

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Check out these fun and easy upcycling ideas from Thrift Town! Read More →

Sock Talk!

Posted on by Camilla | college-scene | diy

I must confess I am T-O-T-A-L-L-Y into socks right now. Tall socks, shorts socks, lacy socks, polka dot socks, fuzzy socks, low cuts, knee-highs, you name it……I love it! To satisfy my socks “needs”, I’ve turned to Thrift Town for some ready-to-wear options as well as DIY sock-a-likes. Check out a few of my finds: Read More →

Mommy Moments; DIY Lighted Marquee!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Turn an old frame and ornaments into a lighted marquee! Read More →

DIY Bohemian Sleeved Jacket \\

This DIY is great for the Spring and the slightly warmer weather up ahead. The lace sleeves add a festival flare to the jacket vest itself which make it the perfect item to wear to a festival, or on any given day with Read More →

Mommy Moments; Wizard of Oz Costuming!

Posted on by Gina | diy | mommy-moments

Thrift Town is a great place for costuming needs! Read More →

Perfect Pocket Tee

I’ve noticed tee-shirts with pockets growing in popularity lately, and decided to make my own! Perfect Pocket Tee  Step 1: Find an old tee-shirt and cut out elongated pentagons to use as pockets. It’s easiest to use the bottom hem of the shirt as Read More →