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Lacy Days

I love drapey flowy clothes, and the addition of lace to most clothes can help accomplish these whimsical qualities. Thrift Town has a great selection of window dressings, which often times are adorned with lace. I spotted two cute window valences on my Read More →

Cool Patchwork Coat

As of late, I’ve become interested in patchwork. I have seen many cute patchwork coats with billowing almost skirt-like bottom hems, but they cost up to $400! I figured that I could make a similar coat for a much better price. I picked up Read More →

Ponchos, Tunics and Faux Fur Vests…Oh My!

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Everyone knows how important it is to have a list or an idea of what you are looking for when you thrift, right? If you don’t, nine times out of ten you will get overwhelmed and walk out the door with nothing. That’s Read More →

Velvet Haze

I’m obsessed with velvet, and with Thrift Town’s great selection, who wouldn’t be? I found two great pairs of velvet pants at Thrift Town. The first pair was only $3.99 and they fit like a glove! Perfect for lounging around. The second pair was very baggy. Read More →

Name Brands…On Any Given Day

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A couple of posts back I mentioned how I had found some amazing finds at my local Thrift Town here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That happens EVERY time I shop there. I found a heaping buggy full of great clothing and spent HOURS Read More →

Velveteen Dream

On my last trip to Thrift Town I had velvet in mind. I was hoping for one piece of velvet clothing (if I got lucky), but instead found 4 velvet dresses! The first one that I found was just about perfect so I didn’t alter it. Read More →

A Change of Plans

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Why do I have a buggy full of sweaters at my local Albuquerque, New Mexico Thrift Town instead of party dresses for New Year’s Eve? Well, I found out that my dad, who lives in Ohio, had scheduled himself for hip replacement surgery! Read More →

The Gift of Thrift

Infini-Tee Scarf Step 1: Find a tee-shirt that would look good as a scarf. What I mean by this is that your shirt should have a cool design or pattern on it. Mine had the album covers of a great band on the Read More →

My Birthday Thrift-A-Palooza!

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It all started as a random comment from one of my followers on Instagram. You can follow me there too if you want…@whosaprettygirl. Anyhow…he was telling me how for his daughter’s 14th birthday, she and a group of girlfriend’s went to their local Read More →

Silver and Gold

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  Oh, the holidays… Time spent with family and friends. Time spent cooking…yeah, I HATE to cook, but that is a big part of Thanksgiving. I like to dress comfortably when I’m cooking, so I headed to Thrift Town to see what I Read More →