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Name Brands…On Any Given Day

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A couple of posts back I mentioned how I had found some amazing finds at my local Thrift Town here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That happens EVERY time I shop there. I found a heaping buggy full of great clothing and spent HOURS Read More →

Velveteen Dream

On my last trip to Thrift Town I had velvet in mind. I was hoping for one piece of velvet clothing (if I got lucky), but instead found 4 velvet dresses! The first one that I found was just about perfect so I didn’t alter it. Read More →

A Change of Plans

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Why do I have a buggy full of sweaters at my local Albuquerque, New Mexico Thrift Town instead of party dresses for New Year’s Eve? Well, I found out that my dad, who lives in Ohio, had scheduled himself for hip replacement surgery! Read More →

The Gift of Thrift

Infini-Tee Scarf Step 1: Find a tee-shirt that would look good as a scarf. What I mean by this is that your shirt should have a cool design or pattern on it. Mine had the album covers of a great band on the Read More →

My Birthday Thrift-A-Palooza!

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It all started as a random comment from one of my followers on Instagram. You can follow me there too if you want…@whosaprettygirl. Anyhow…he was telling me how for his daughter’s 14th birthday, she and a group of girlfriend’s went to their local Read More →

Silver and Gold

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  Oh, the holidays… Time spent with family and friends. Time spent cooking…yeah, I HATE to cook, but that is a big part of Thanksgiving. I like to dress comfortably when I’m cooking, so I headed to Thrift Town to see what I Read More →

Snuggly Sweaters

Winter is coming! Thrift Town has great clothes to keep you warm in the upcoming months. I took a trip to Thrift Town last week and found a really cute sweater for $3.99! I paired it with a pair of cute leggings, an Read More →

Mix and Match Fashion…for $28.00!

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Can you believe that on a recent trip to my local Albuquerque, New Mexico Thrift Town that I walked out the door with all that you see here for only $28.00? These are great brands too! The jackets L-R are: Loft…Talbot’s…600 West (this Read More →

Spooky Chic

I found a cute dress at Thrift Town for $5.99! I thought it could use some fringe under the arms, so I added to it! These steps also work for long-sleeved shirts. Spooky Chic   Step 1: Gather bleach, a spray bottle, and Read More →

Keeping Your Options Open

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On October 13th Thrift Town had their big 50% off all clothing sale, so my girlfriend and I headed there to see what treasures we could find! Let me just share with you off the bat, the best find of the day…   Read More →