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Autumn Apparel

I made it to my favorite Thrift Town during our 50% off clothing sale! I found so many cute fall shirts and they were all half off!. I love that every article of clothing in a thrift store is unique, but sometimes the Read More →

September Sweaters

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With autumn quickly approaching, it’s important to have some comfortable sweaters! I bought each of these sweaters at Thrift Town for under $10.00! They range from light (for the warmer days) to heavy-knit as it gets closer to winter. When paired with some Read More →

Indigo Summer

My last trip to Thrift Town entailed lots of trying on shoes and being distracted by humorous tee-shirts. The one thing that really caught my eye was a cute blue peasant dress. It wasn’t really my style, so I altered it to better Read More →

Celestial Summer Bag

I’m a sucker for cool celestial patterns, so when I spotted some rad shorts at Thrift Town they brightened my day! They unfortunately did not flatter my form so I made them into a bag I could take anywhere! Celestial Summer Bag   Read More →

Handmade Hairpin

Over the course of the Summer, I’ve come to appreciate barrettes and hairpins more! I realized that it would be pretty easy to make my own out of leather belts, so I gave it a shot! Handmade Hairpin Step 1: Find some belts Read More →

Double Duty

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Hello! We are right in the middle of summer vacation season so of course I headed to my local Thrift Town here in Albuquerque, New Mexico to shop for my trip to Vegas!! First, can I say that all those fancy, schmancy  stores Read More →

Summer Style

During my last adventure to Thrift Town, I bought three cute skirts. They are breezy and perfect for warm weather! This blue fairy skirt is my personal favorite. ($5.99) This white skirt is comfortable and flowy! ($5.99) This cute skirt was $7.99, but Read More →

The Scooter Skirt

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I love me a cute scooter skirt! What I don’t love is a skort. Yes, there is a difference. A skort looks like a skirt in the front and shorts in the back. A scooter skirt looks like a skirt from all sides Read More →

DIY 4th of July

The 4th of July is fast approaching, and Thrift Town has you covered for festive decor and clothing! I decided to make a pair of high-waisted shorts more festive by adding some low-priced decorative flags to the back pockets! Step 1: Choose a pair of Read More →

Summer Colors

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Summer is FINALLY here! I tell you what, the weather here in Albuquerque has been cold and rainy for the majority of Spring and I was not happy about it! To celebrate the new season, I headed off to my local Thrift Town Read More →