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Thrift Town Glassware, Part 3 (And Lemonade Pie)

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What my family calls Lemonade Pie is my absolutely most favorite summer dessert and now that I’m in charge of my own meals, the fact that it’s super easy to make and easy to keep the ingredients on hand means that I indulge Read More →


Have you ever been scrolling through Etsy and found something adorable and then balked at the price? I know I’ve seen super cute projects that I’ve thought, “Oh I could make that! You want how much?!” Handmade can be expensive! Sometimes if you Read More →

Watermelon Madness!

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July in central Texas means WATERMELON!  Watermelon festivals, watermelon-inspired fashions, watermelons at every farmer’s market and delicious, refreshing watermelon to eat.  Before we get to Thrift Town and watermelons, let me give you the recipe for the most delicious summer salad you can Read More →

Gorgeous Glassware for a Decadent Summer Treat

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I promised you more posts about the be-u-tee-ful glassware and crystal I’ve been scooping up at the Austin Thrift Town.  There are more fabulous finds every time I’ve gone in there recently!  It’s easier than you might think to find a set of Read More →


WASH, CONTAIN, CUTE-IFY. I am in the final month before my little one arrives, and boy am I ready to not be pregnant anymore! The overwhelming excitement mixed with the terrifying unknown might just swallow me whole if it weren’t for one big Read More →

Red, White and Thrifty!

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Once upon a time there was a rather boring wood and metal table to be had for just $22 at Thrift Town.   With the Fourth of July being one of my favorite holidays (and Memorial Day and Flag Day coming up before that) Read More →

Crystal Wedding Gifts From Thrift Town

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Oh thifters…I’m on a crystal and glasswear TEAR!  I have found more beautiful pieces at Thrift Town and I’m excited to share ideas and projects with you in my next few blog posts.  Really, pretty stemware and serving pieces are so affordable at Read More →

SHOOT TO SWOON: thrifted lifestyle photoshoot

ADORABLE IN OVERDRIVE. There are few things cuter than a doting dad and his daughter. As a stylist, I get to work with so many different kinds of people for so many occasions: music video styling, wardrobe overhauls, putting on big fashion shows, Read More →

DIY Customized Lampshade

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People remodel and redecorate their homes for a variety of reasons.  Maybe they’re just tired of their old look…or they’re inspired by a magazine layout or something on Pintrest.  Sometimes a life event can be the motivator – the last kid leaves the Read More →

Spring Gardening Starts at Thrift Town

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Apparently I’m not the only one with spring cleaning on my mind!  My local Thrift Town has rearranged the front of the store and it’s looking just fine for spring fashions, outdoor living, and all-around freshening up!  I am so ready for all Read More →