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Air Plant Clay Pots // Ceramic Vase Organizer

At Thrift Town, the majority of my purchases are typically clothing but on occasion I find unique little clay pots and ceramic bowls to hold randoms trinkets of mine. I love finding these because I can never have enough storage for my jewelry, pens, Read More →

STYLING WONDERLAND: professional shoot, creative budget

SHOESTRING STYLIST. If you went to buy a cute outfit and were given the option at the register to pay way less for it, would you insist on paying more anyway? Of course not! A deal is a deal, man! Sometimes, just knowing where to look Read More →

Secret Book Jewelry Box

Recently i’ve come across tons of cute “book” jewelry boxes all over in stores and I wanted to try and make my own! Not only are they cute for holding jewelry but I keep mine by my bed and any little trinkets that don’t Read More →

Maximize Your Space – 5min Hanging Organizers

Everyone knows that January is the time to purge and organize, right? New year, fresh start, clean everything out. Well, I’m at home with a little one all day these days and I just can’t wait til January. These 4 walls are under Read More →

DIY Plate Gift + Decor //

This DIY project isn’t your typical clothing or shoes transformation, but instead its designing plates!! Like whaaaat? Plates really?….. YES! I found a way to not only make a FABULOUS decoration for a bedroom, dorm, or kitchen but a creative AND thoughtful gift as Read More →

Thrifty Thrifty Vino Vino

As the days grow cooler and happy hour takes place at twilight, the frosty beverage just doesn’t fit the season. Thrift Town makes is super easy to acquire everything you need for a wine tasting evening with friends or just a nice glass Read More →

Hoping for Rain

“Cooling down” in central Texas really just means that it stays just under 100 degrees every day but we’ve gotten a bit of rain, which we need! I think I had rain on the brain…or at least all things moisture…on my last visit Read More →

Thrift Town Glassware, Part 3 (And Lemonade Pie)

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What my family calls Lemonade Pie is my absolutely most favorite summer dessert and now that I’m in charge of my own meals, the fact that it’s super easy to make and easy to keep the ingredients on hand means that I indulge Read More →


Have you ever been scrolling through Etsy and found something adorable and then balked at the price? I know I’ve seen super cute projects that I’ve thought, “Oh I could make that! You want how much?!” Handmade can be expensive! Sometimes if you Read More →

Watermelon Madness!

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July in central Texas means WATERMELON!  Watermelon festivals, watermelon-inspired fashions, watermelons at every farmer’s market and delicious, refreshing watermelon to eat.  Before we get to Thrift Town and watermelons, let me give you the recipe for the most delicious summer salad you can Read More →