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Tin’s the Season

The holidays are upon us! If you love to recycle and find that you have an abundance of cookie tins, they make cute decor and gift boxes! Thrift Town has great tins for low prices.            I bought these festive cookie Read More →


HOORAY FOR CHRISTMASTIME!!    I’ve been holding that in for awhile, and totally waited to do holiday themed posts til it was officially “Christmas time”. It wasn’t easy – you’re welcome. I made it til the day after Thanksgiving to get the tree Read More →

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips & One Table Two Ways- Under $100

Some people get stressed out and unnecessarily worked up over hosting Thanksgiving. I like to approach it with an everything will turn out great attitude. Aside from a fried turkey fire, not much can go wrong. On Thanksgiving the food is clearly the star, Read More →

BLANKET STATEMENT PIECE: luxe thrifted textiles

SHOESTRING DIARIES: LUXE FOR LESS I’ve been wanting to add some rich textures to my home, and have been keeping my eye out while thrifting. So many design blogs and friends’ homes have these lovely handmade/high end textiles that are just so very cozy Read More →

DIY Flower Frame

Looking for a fun, beautiful, and simple summer DIY project? This is the perfect project if you’re wanting to add a little decoration to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or whatever room it may be! This project adds the perfect touch of delicate Read More →


VACATIONS ARE EXPENSIVE. There’s almost no way of getting around it. Between taking time off of work, the actual travel, meals, lodging… however you slice it, everything adds up pretty quick. My family goes to a retreat grounds up in Santa Cruz mountains Read More →

UPCYCLED KITCHEN DIY: $1 trick to save the table!

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When we moved into our new house in February, our old tiny kitchen table (like 10+ years old) just wasn’t going to cut it in our new dining room. We chatted with a friend who was helping us finish the move about the Read More →


PARTY OUTDOORS FOR LESS    Thrifty friends are fun to have. Not only do they also love a good thrifty find and have awesome Pinterest boards, they implement affordably fun ideas that you can totally steal and rock at your own house!    Read More →


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Thrifting is an art. It’s possible to find amazing quality pieces for less, and pull together a sweet collection of coordinated kitchen items without spending a ton. It might take a little time and patience, but it’s totally worth it. As it’s literally been years in the Read More →


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Home decor doesn’t have to be super expensive. Once you have a color theme and style nailed down, you can always find great pieces secondhand for less. I recently moved into a beautiful new home that is quite a bit bigger (and classier) Read More →