CURTAIN CALL: thrifted DIY window shades from sheets

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My family and I recently moved into our new house and we are over the moon in love with it. Going from a tiny house to a big one has a lot of advantages, mainly – more space but one disadvantage is a lot of your basics just don’t cut it anymore. Our new place has a lot of big windows (hooray sunshine!) and that means a lot of curtains are needed for privacy. With all the other odds and ends of a new place adding up, brand new curtains for ALL the windows just wasn’t gonna happen. Good thing I’m a thrifty crafty girl.


I shared a few weeks ago how I took one striped sheet
and made a pillow cover + re-covered my rolling ottoman.




In that very same striped sheet-finding trip, I also scored a bunch of other sheets, all running between $3.99 and $7.99 to use for curtains. I have 4 main windows + a laundry nook that needed curtains, and for all of them but one, I used a single solid colored sheet.




Here’s the curtains I made (and the superbright morning light) for
my home office from a pretty blue sheet I got for $2.99.


For the one main window that you see first when you walk in the front door,
I thought I’d found the perfect set of curtains at Thrift Town for $5.99. Here’s the fabric:

With our house colors being black, white tan and grey, I was so excited to find these curtains. So excited in fact, that I didn’t bother to measure them before I bought them. Seriously? So I get home all gung-ho to hang these fabulous curtains and  *sigh*: I need like 2 feet more width. So I gathered up all the cool sheets I’d bought and devised a plan.


And by “a plan” I mean 23 different plans that ended up all being wrong. I know I’m pretty good at sewing but no one has ever accused me of being good at spatial math. I’m more of a hands-on kinda girl. So after I thought I’d settled on THE ONE way that would be best, I measured, cut and FAILED. So plan B went into effect, and I’m so glad it did. I ended up with not 2 but 3 different fabrics on my statement curtains.


(L) black striped sheet, alternately shiny & matte textures.
(R) a soft semi-sheer tan fabric with a raised crinkled texture.

Even though the whole process literally took me
almost an entire day to do, the end results look FABULOUS.



Now those are some classy curtains!

Do YOU DIY your thrifted finds?
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Happy Thrifting! — Kari



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