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I’ve been busybusybusy with exciting new things lately, one of which is
moving into our beautiful new house! It’s so much more space for our
crazy toddler, and I now have a home office. With a door that LOCKS.
So you could say working from home is edging on bliss as of late.
The thing is, new houses aren’t free, and you still want to have the decor
be on point without spending a ton that you don’t have. Good thing I’m a
thrifty kinda girl.


I’ll be posting soon (after our house warming party reveal) on all our rad
thrifted /DIY /upcycled decor, but for today, one queen sized sheet is taking
center stage. Our livingroom has tan walls, with waist high white wainscoting,
and a brown patterned couch. Lots of tan, black and white going on, and
mostly in solids. I wanted a unifying modern pattern to have in a couple
places that wasn’t a departure from the current color scheme but still made
a statement. I went shopping at Thrift Town and found my muse.




This black fabric rolling ottoman has been with us through 11years of marriage
and the top had seen better days, but still a very functional piece in our livingroom.
THE striped sheet ($4.99) transformed the look from a tired functional piece to an
interesting accent. I literally just :


— laid the lid on the sheet
— folded it up around to roughly measure
— cut the large square
— used a staple gun to tack the fabric underneath. #DONE


The curtains in the background were also $4.99 at Thrift Town and the perfect
subtle pattern for the window while staying in the color scheme of the room.


I was wanting at least one more accent in this room with the stripes,
and decided to remove the zip-on cover to one of our (thrifted) throw
pillows that no longer fit the color scheme of the new space, and make
a new one with the striped fabric.

It was as simple as:

— lay original cover on striped fabric
— trace it with colored chalk
— trace 1/2 an inch around that border
— cut out square x2 sides
— put striped fabric with patterns together on the inside & sew 3 out of 4 sides
— flip rightside out, insert pillow and sew final side closed.


I might be a tad OCD in my creative adventures,
but how satisfying is it to get a pattern lined up on a seam??




If you know me at ALL, or have ever read one of my Mommy Monday posts,
you know I can’t find fun fabric and not make a cute headthing for my
little Olive. This was her and daddy at a kid’s museum festival, in her
thrifted top and beads. The striped head wrap got so many compliments.
Thrifting FTW!


I got so much life out of one sheet (with plenty of fabric still to work with!)
– what projects do you tackle with thrifted finds?
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Until next week – Happy Thrifting! xo — Kari



    10421998_10153113137097891_4725818796568476337_nKari Shipman is thrifty, eco-conscious, and knows the importance
of supporting local charities. She has been our featured blogger
since we started the blog in 2010, and has a serious passion for
fashion. Kari owns her own Fashion Consulting Business, Juniper
James and lives out her passions in Northern California with her
wonderful husband Charles, and their little girl Olive.


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