DIY Fall Yarn Wreath

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Happy Thanksgiving, Thrifty Friends!!

I’m feeling festive & fun, looking forward to the holiday with family & hope you are too. In the Thanksgiving / festive spirit, everyone loves simple, adorable DIY decorations for the house. Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, this is a sure-fire way for an easy win. This great wreath that can be customized however you want for whatever season.     

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bags of yarn at Thrift Town and wished that I was someone who knew how to knit or crochet. Here’s a project that will put yarn, felt, fabric, fun buttons or any other little embellishments to great use. They are usually an easy find at TT, and can make for a great craft. After that, all you’ll need from the craft store is the wreath base.

  • straw or styrofoam wreath,
  • yarn,
  • felt,
  • scissors,
  • hot glue gun / glue, and
  • any other embellishments your little heart desires.
step 1: Keep the plastic wrapping on the straw wreath. It is much more complicated, time consuming and MESSY if you remove the plastic. You can definitely use a foam wreath as well, but the yarn goes on easier with a plastic cover and the foam wreaths usually aren’t wrapped.

step 2: Wrap wreath with yarn. You will want to keep it tight and keep in mind that it is close to impossible to have the yarn perfectly lined up on the entire wreath. imperfections = perfection. This may take you a while… perfect opportunity to sit with a good friend & a movie & wrap to your heart’s content. Simply tie a knot to begin and tie one at the end, as well. It takes about one entire roll of yarn.
step 3: To make the felt flowers:
  • Cut a circle out of felt, the bigger the circle, the bigger the flower.
  • Cut around the circle, making one long strip of felt. Wobbly lines look great. Experiment & have fun.


  • When you get to the very end you will have a circle or oval shape left that you will want to leave and not cut into. this will be the base of your flower.
  • Take the end of the felt where you began cutting and start to roll. you will want to keep it tight in the beginning so it holds. if you want a smaller more circular flower keep it tight. if you want it to have a more open look you can keep it a little more loose as you roll it.        

  • Once you get to the end you will glue the bottom onto the flower. Hot glue works great, but you can also use craft glue.
  • Make as many flowers as you’d like. Different sizes & colors makes it fun.
step 4: Glue and place flowers randomly. Add any other embellishments that you would like (fabric, buttons, etc).

step 5: add a ribbon, raffia, twine, fabric, etc to hang your wreath with.
step 6: admire your beautiful, handmade goodness!!

{thanks to   this adorable blog for the inspiration! }

Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe holiday! – Kari

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Did you DIY / secondhand decorate for the holidays?

What do you think of our wreath project?
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  1. I love this wreath….found it on Pinterest. I’m having a few girlfriends over this weekend and we are making this for our fall wreath. I will likely choose the same colors you did – maybe with a little olive green thrown in there.

    I’ll post it on my blog next week, so if you think to visit you can see my wreath inspired by yours!

    • Bethany – aren’t these wreaths so cute? Glad we could inspire thrifty festive decor!

  2. I too found this on Pinterest and can not wait to try it!!! Your tutorial is great and seems easy enough! I also love the colors that you used. It will look great on my cranberry colored front door. 🙂

  3. I came across this on Pinterest! I’m going to be blogging about it tomorrow, I just love it! I might try my hand at making one next week, but I’m not very crafty, so, we’ll see!!

    • Katie – in the age of the internet, with blogs, and tutorials, I feel like anyone can be crafty! You don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself to have great crafty project success. Have fun with your projects!