E A R T H T O N E S for E A R T H D A Y

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E A R T H   T O N E S

Lately I’ve been drawn to the sight of natural earth tones when it comes to clothing. My last trip to Thrift Town, I managed to find all my favorite Earthy tones in different variations. They have a great selection of tanks for the summer and the best part is that they’re all organized by color! This makes it very easy when looking for something specific like in my case, neutral tanks. I put a few outfits together using the tanks I found which is amazingly simple because all earth tones typically vibe very well together. Here are some outfits resembling cute summer fashion with a taste of nature ~



























































































Reposted from 2016.

Ali Futrell lives in San Francisco and attends     walkingthe San Francisco Art Institute. She loves DIY projects and anything involving fashion or art. Being a starving student, she has come to realize thrifting is a great way to save money yet still look fashionable, and Thrift Town makes that possible! #alisblog




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