Falling for Fashion.

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Falling for Fashion

The Trends & Looks for the Fall Season

This year’s fashion choices for fall are quite a bit different than years past. There is a marked lack of novelty pieces that must be purchased brand-new right now or you’re not in style. Instead, there is a heavy emphasis on vintage, and throwbacks to the lovely pieces of years past. Not just “vintage inspired” with modern tailoring, but actual vintage cuts, many of the pieces exactly as you would have found them 30, 40 or 50 years ago. The difference is all in the styling and layering.Which all means – you can find actual vintage pieces at Thrift Town and be the talk of the town.

Chic Outdoors-Woman.

For this look, outdoor wear in neutrals is expertly layered with a clear balance between fitted luxury (cashmere & fur) and rugged outdoor staples like the khaki pants & boots. Not sure where you would wear these exact outfits, but if you wanted to, you could find similar pieces and recreate it at Thrift Town. The concept is very rich and fashion forward, and completely doable at Thrift Town.

Bohemian Femininity.

For this very girly trend, think a sophisticated modern Stevie Nicks.
Say no to the big hair & fringe, but embrace the sweet figure hugging sheers
that make a layered look come off as light & lovely.
There are plenty of sheerly wonderful secondhand dresses to be found and layered. Go for it!

All Clogged Up.

And in the shoe department, nothing is bigger (literally) this season than CLOGS.
I know, I didn’t see it coming either, but they’re popping up everywhere!
The good news is – the clog isn’t a new invention. We all wore them, and then decided we didn’t want to anymore. You may want to check the back of your closet!
With the sturdy clog back on the feet of the it-crowd, Thrift Town may just be the most cost-effective place you could get a piece of fashion-forwardom for yourself.

Happy Thrifting! – Kari

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What do you think of these trends? Would you wear them?

What’s your take on recreating luxe looks for less?

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We LOVE your input! Feel free to leave a comment below,

and tell us your story.

Add your unique finds & perspective to our Thrift Town Blog!

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  1. dancerlil

    I have just found out about this store. I am very excited to check out the fall fashions. I love a bargain.

    • Bargains, Fall, Fashion – all music to my ears – we’re so happy you found us! Stay tuned on the blog for more fun & fashion. Let us know when you find something awesome at Thrift Town!

  2. My favorite thing to shop for at Thrift Town are skirts. I get so many compliments on the great skirts I find there (most for under $5, many for less than $3). I NEVER miss a half price day!

    • Send us pictures of you in your Thrift Town skirts! We’d love to see them. I love how many customers are VIP’s, and plan ahead to hit the 50% off days.

  3. I always shop thrift, and always get compliments on my outfits. I just have to tell them I’m a thrifter. I even got just last week some looks like new Dr Martens for 5 dollars after I found they were half priced (color of the day).

    • Color tag of the day is a GREAT way to make a good deal even better. Congrats on the sweet find!

  4. rileyshawnm

    I love to shop at Thrift Town! Now, I may need to build another room for all my clothes and shoes! I have lost 300 lbs and being able to build my wardrobe economically is invaluable.

  5. I enjoyed the”Falling for Fashion” article and pics. To dress well and creative with used clothing is just so much more fun than buying new stuff – and good for my budget (and the planet)
    Thrifttown is a great place .
    I’ve made cuffs and earrings out of tin cans found at Thrifttown and sold them in galleries.
    Wished there was a Thrifttown closer to me.

  6. callalily

    I love these new fall fashions and I expect Thrift Town will help me find some terrific things, even fur, I can remake into an up to date look!

  7. wa_redapple

    I haven’t always been too concerned with the newest trends, but Thrift Town makes it easy and not to mention, for us plus size girls, it is easy to find something in my size! Thrift Town is the FIRST place I shop for clothes and for my toddler!

  8. I love the new vintage clothing section! I scored a western style shirt for my husband today.

  9. rondakaydudley

    Some of the fasions I would not wear since they are not me but I can tell you I have found some wonderful clothes here and for such a great price my first visit I got quite a few items and could not wait till I could go back. Last weekend I got a jackt,skirt,sweater and a blouse and spent 14.01 that is what I call value. I had gastric bypass surgery last year and buying clothes is hard since as soon as I can wear them I have grown out of them this is the best store for me because as I shrink I can go back and not be out a lot of money.

  10. I always look at my Lucky magazine for helpful shopping tips and then head to Thrift Town. I go weekly and always leave with something amazing! My latest purchase was an authentic vintage leather Coach luggage weekender tote $15.00! It is flawless and I am happy! I have a great start for my daughters (age2) fall/winter clothes and shoes! All from Thrift town. I have to pry her suede gap boots off of her, she loves them and I love that they were only $2.99 in perfect condition! I just received my coupon in the mail and will be there for the sale on Friday.

    • Bonnie – you are hard-core! That’s so smart to read up before you head out thrifting. We have a post coming up soon on clothes for toddlers at Thrift Town – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to dress a little one who’s going to outgrow everything in a month. Have a great time at the sale & send us pictures of your treasures!

  11. Loonylollipop

    Bohemian feminity looks so fun and flirty. The clogs look hideous. Maybe it is because I am a teenager, but clogs look so unflattering and dull. They’re comfortable and practical but not very fashionable.

    • I tend to agree with you. We’re seeing a lot of the traditional clogs out this season, but a lot of designers are actually revamping them into more of a chunky high heel – almost a heeled maryjane, minus the t-straps. But hey – trends come & go. I don’t think I’ll be too sad when this one heads out.

  12. carrieobrien

    My daughter is an avid Fashionista, and we’re on a TIGHT budget, so we peruse the racks at Thrift Town. We’ve score designer, vintage items like Betsey Johnson and Chanel!!!

    • Betsey Johnson & Chanel are nothing to sneer at – great finds! I don’t know how old your daughter is, but honestly, right now, it is much more fashionable to have your own style & put it together a piece at a time versus buying a complete look off of a mannequin at the mall.

  13. Just love Thrift Town for the great selection of designer fashions. I never miss finding great quality fashions to meet my budget.

  14. I have never been trendy. I have always loved classics. Thrift Town always has something timeless and elegant every time I shop. I can’t count the number of times I have been complimented on how nice I’m dressed and been able to respond, ‘I found it at Thrift Town!’

  15. I would love to see a blog where people can post photos of the clothes they find at Thrift town in an outfit they come up with- or pics of the decorative items they find incorporated in their home setting- maybe they could get a discount at the store as an incentive! I love the creativity that Thrift town inspires!

  16. I pretty much buy all my clothing at Thrift Town. My husband and I like to do a “$20 fashion show” for fun. Great way to get some “retail therapy” without maxing out the credit cards! And I continually get compliments on outfits – but my favorite is when I know the complimenter well enough that I can safely say, “And you won’t BELIEVE what I paid for this!” 😉

  17. The fur stuff scares me a little. But, I’m pretty sure I saw some of the feminine lacy stuff in TT the other day. Maybe I can be a fall cutie!

    • Fur can definitely be a touchy subject for some people. With all the animal rights campaigns out there, I am kind of surprised that it’s such a huge trend for fall with a ton of designers using it on the runways. BUT you’re right – lace is also big this season, and you can definitely find some of that at Thrift town too – Fall cutie for sure. 🙂

  18. cathyekay

    There is no better thrill than finding an article of clothing that you absolutely love at Thrift Town. Then, when you get compliment after compliment on your outfit and they want to know where to find one…you get to say it is one of a kind! I do always say that they can find their one of a kind garment at thrift town too!

    • Thanks for spreading the Thrift Town love! It is pretty great to get to have an affordable enviable secondhand outfit. I have a LOT of those. haha.

  19. mayflower

    I love the Olsen twins. They’re always so classy.

  20. rideswithchrist

    I shopped here with my mom as a kid, I still remember the “get used” shirt I had! I was thrilled when I moved to Austin to find the store just down the road. I make weekly trips there to find so many clothes for play, church, outdoors and more.
    CLOGS! Exciting! I love the clunky comfy shoes. Time to do my fall shopping and today is a 1/2 off sale!

    • I think it’s great when parents take their kids secondhand shopping – it teaches them good values. Today IS the 1/2 off sale – have fun! Send us pics of anything exciting you find. 🙂

  21. Smiley1207

    I have outfitted my whole wardrobe for a convention in Orlando this coming week. From skirt to blouses and sweaters to shoes all for a reasonable price and even some new with tags! I always enjoy finding in style fashions at Thrift Town at great prices!

    • I’ll bet you looked just smashing at your convention! I get all excited when I find cute stuff at Thrift Town, especially when it still has the tags & you can see exactly how great your savings really are. We’re happy Thrift Town can be a part of your stylish wardrobe.

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  23. lovebrin05

    I picked up a pair of clogs at TT just before summer! They are so comfy and go great with jeans now that winter is aroun the corner!

  24. susan goff

    I have shopped in Albuquerque /thrift Town for over 16 years, I used to go every day, never left with out purchasing something. I buy in every department, I have has lots of different types of jobs which required different styles, like hospital scrubs, office dress clothes, sports attire, All of my clothes come from here. from pajamas to warm coats, I have a collection of cookbooks and have actually purchased over 100 different ones at Thrift Town. I take care of the elderly in their homes and have been able to gift them with beautiful books and stacks of magazines to read. I also buy at least 15 warm coats for kids and donate them to koats for kids every year here in Albuquerque. I have decorated my granddaughters college place with everything she needed from sheets to lamps , dressers,clocks and a TV. I have also collected unusual picture frames for all my family pictures. I love unusual serving dishes to serve all those special dishes I make from my cookbook collection. I have found wonderful salad bowls, platters, casserole dishes, and different sets of dishes I have given to family members for special occasions, like a set of beautiful dishes for bridal shower gifts, I even found dishes that matched my daughters china pattern and bought them to add dishes to her set. I love to buy long stemmed glasses to serve dessert and shrimp cocktails in. I have bought southwest painting for my home, beautiful jewelry, even porch furniture and a red haired wig!!! I love Thrift Town it has something for everybody, It’s well organized, clean, and I love the people that work there…. Thanks and I love your website…