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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
Business on a Budget reposted from 2016


Whether you work in a strict dress code environment or a relaxed, free spirit type of office, it’s still important to look professional and stylish. I’m all about individuality, creativity, and being who you are, but a pet peeve of mine is when people look sloppy and unprofessional at work. It takes little effort to look good and professional and that little bit of effort can take people a long way in the work force. One of my favorite quotes from Edith Head (legendary fashion designer) read: “You can have anything in life, if you dress for it.” I believe that to be true with all my heart and fashionable soul. We are what we wear and that can leave a really good impression on any future employers.

I get the, ‘”well, it costs too much to find good work clothes,” quite frequently from people and I’m here to tell the great readers of the Thrift Town blog that you don’t have to have loads of money to make an outstanding impression in the workforce.

One more thing, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself and individuality just because you have to dress professionally. I’m the perfect example of staying true to yourself, all the while looking professional. I have quite literally made it an art to look fashionable and professional at my job.

Take this Ralph Lauren shirtdress for example that I found at Thrift Town for $8! It’s not only work appropriate, but stylish as well. This is a great example that you don’t have to always wear a suit to work. A cute shirtdress can be the perfect ensemble, especially with the warm weather. I paired it with a pearl necklace, also found at Thrift Town for $1.99.


For a more classic work look, take my friend Corinna as the perfect example of professionalism and style. It’s summer time if you haven’t noticed and this Banana Republic cap sleeve suit is the perfect summer suit! I paired it with the same pearl necklace I wore in the above picture. It’s a cute suit and for a mere $9.99, it’s a great example of business attire on a budget!



I love a man in a suit! Nothing says handsome like a man in a power suit, well that’s just my opinion.  Since it’s the summer months I thought it would be nice to pair the vintage navy blue jacket ($2.99) with a light blue Perry Ellis linen shirt ($7.99) and khaki Dockers pants. ($1.99)



I love Thrift Town for many reasons, but I’ve especially been loving the great selection of budget friendly work attire. Next time you are interviewing for that dream job, remember that the key to success is to dress to impress! Skills alone will get you far, but add an amazing ensemble to it, and you are well on your way to the top!


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