Great Containers for Succulents- Happy Earth Week!

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It’s Earth Week so getting green with easy to care for plants sounds like the perfect idea. I’m a sucker for trendy items and succulents are HOT, HOT, HOT! They only need a spritz of water so you can put them in any container like bowls, vases, etc. without a drain hole.

I saw these cuties (above) at my local grocery for $30 a pop! I found a similar cute white vase for $2.99 at Thrift Town and replicated the look for about $10. Pick up a succulent, some cute pearl rocks and succulent soil at your local garden center. Bam! Yea me!!!!

There is plenty of information online on how to plant a succulent garden. You can also ask your local nursery and they’ll have the supplies and some great ideas on how to do it.

Happy Thrifting!



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