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It’s aaaalmost that wonderfully spooky time of year again! (Where did 2011 go?!)


We here at Thrift Town especially love Halloween, because we not only get to dress up, but we get to help other people look great, decorate, and our customers can enter to win gift cards for for their BOOtiful secondhand-Halloween style. When it comes to Costumes, Contests & Decor, Thrift Town has you covered!



For a little inspiration,   check out some of last year’s customer submissions . We not only have DIY costume possibilities, but we also have actual costumes for infants to adults! (Hurry. While supplies last!)


Halloween costumes are like prom dresses – usually worn once, and then donated. So you’re in luck! Come shop our costume racks for that particular theme you want, or to be surprised by what you find & love.




Most Creative Costume: $100 Thrift Town Gift Card!


Best Women’s Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!


Best Men’s Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!


Best Group/Theme Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!
(One prize only. Group can split it however they see fit.)


Best Child’s Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!


Best Child Group/Theme Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!
(One prize only. Group can split it however they see fit.)


Best Pet Costume: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!


Best Home or Party Decor: $50 Thrift Town Gift Card!


  • The contest is currently underway, and ends November 15th, 2011. Secondhand costumes and items need not be purchased from Thrift Town to enter.
  • Make sure you get the full contest   details and entry forms.

Check out our full post/press release on our   Halloween Contest.

Need some spooky inspiration? Check out Thrift Town’s website for Halloween costume ideas, or better yet, visit Thrift Town in person at one of our 15 store locations where 4,000 new products are put out every day.


YARN WREATH: This country-chic wreath is a fun one to do with kids!


Get Halloween inspired yarn at Thrift Town, and wrap plastic foam balls of various sizes with the orange, cream, and black yarn. Use hot glue to set the end of the yarn in place. Hot-glue each ball to a wire wreath form as desired, adding a pretty orange bow as an accent.

. . . . . .

TREATS BUCKET: No time to man the door this Halloween? Your neighborhood ghouls & boys can still have a treat from you!


Set out a cute bucket at your gate for a grab-and-go way to celebrate the holiday. Oftentimes, you can find great orange or black buckets already sorted out for you at Thrift Town in their super organized Holiday section. If they don’t have the perfect color – it’s as easy as a can of spray-paint and some glow in the dark letter stickers from the craft store.

. . . . . .


GOTHIC ADDRESS PLATES: We found this idea as used for spooky house numbers, but the concept can be used for just about anything!  For the outside of your house – set a spooky tone this season with decoupaged plates displayed by the front door.
Use computer-printed house numbers embellished with (copyright-free) skeleton illustrations. Search for the art online under “human anatomy” or “anatomy.”
Another fun idea: make it a family project! Let each child (ok, grown-ups too) design their own Halloween plate that they can have year after year. Pick up plain white or Halloween colored plates at Thrift Town, and have the kids help you find the perfect spooky image for their plate.
Decoupage to your heart’s content, knowing everyone gets their own special place setting. For lasting (and food-safe/dishwasher safe) plate finishes, check with your local craft store on glazes.
. . . . . .

Lengths of black ribbon and yarn and a bit of strategic weaving are all it takes to add shadowy spiderwebs to your front windows and door. Dangle a few creepy critters nearby to complete the hair-raising picture. Eek!

. . . . . .

GHOSTLY GREETING: Create a spellbinding phantom to hover over yard or porch!


All you need is a thrifted white gown torn to shreds and enhanced with torn white plastic trash bags.

. . . . . .

HALLO-WALL ART: Another great use for those thrifted, easy-to-find white plates: a bit more of a grown up festive decor.

     We found these printable templates/stencils online – simply paint around them onto the white plates (or the opposite if you find black plates!) and hang on the walls.

. . . . . . .


{Thanks to   Better Homes & Gardens for the images & inspiration! }


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Would you try any of these trends?
Do you get your fall decor at Thrift Town? Show us!
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