Old Skis Can Still Be Useful

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Are you looking for new outdoor furniture now that it’s Spring? Look no further than Thrift Town for a great selection of unique and vintage skis that make for great outdoor and even indoor furniture. I personally found lots of cool skis at Thrift Town and turned them into a very comfortable adirondack chair as well as a nicely stained towel rack.


Here is the towel rack I built with my dad out of skis we found out Thrift Town. All the skis we purchased were very fairly priced between $2.99 -$14.99.  We first took off all the bindings and then wiped/cleaned the skis with a wet rag. Next, we drilled pilot holes in the skis so we could screw the skis into the 2 pieces of wood in the center. Lastly, we screwed in one double-hook on each ski to hold the towels. This is a pretty simple way to turn old skis into something useful!










Here is the adirondack chair I built out of skis I found at Thrift Town. It is actually very comfortable and does very well outside in basically any weather. This project was a little more challenging because I had to cut all the skis with a table saw. However, the full process is pretty simple as there are plenty of awesome adirondack blueprints online.






These are only a few ideas on how to make useful furniture out of old skis, but there are so many other creative things you can make using old skis!


    brandt-blog-photo-smallBrandt Steinmetz is a third year Business Operations Management and Marketing student from Northern California. Brandt is always up for a new adventure, which is one reason why he really enjoys thrifting as everyday brings new items and awesome deals that you couldn’t find anywhere else! Brandt also likes skiing, tennis, baseball, movies, and basically anything outdoors.


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