Spectacular Thrift Store Displays!

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If you’re reading this I know you love Thrifting, and hopefully you love Thrift Town too. The hunt, the bargains, the thrill of the find! We love what we do at Thrift Town and see potential and value in all the items we sell.

When shopping, have you noticed a sharply dressed mannequin or a fun theme display? We display and decorate at Thrift Town because we care about making our stores BEAUTIFUL and FUN for our customers.

Stores are provided with monthly seasonal ideas to inspire the displays. Ideas can range from a trending color, to a holiday, or monthly celebration like Elmo’s birthday. Add a little creativity to the product and POOF! Thrift magic is created. The items on the displays are always for sale, so do not hesitate to break it up and take it home!

Next time you’re at Thrift Town and a display makes you smile, let our crew know you liked it.

Happy Thrifting!




I am the art director and marketing manager for Thrift Town. I have worked for Thrift Town for just about twenty years and I'm passionate about thrift, decorating, entertaining, crafting and, of course Thrift Town.


  1. We love Thrift Town!!