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Home decor doesn’t have to be super expensive. Once you have a color theme
and style nailed down, you can always find great pieces secondhand for less.
I recently moved into a beautiful new home that is quite a bit bigger (and
classier) than our last place, and with that comes the task of decorating to
fit the space, both in number of items and style.


We generally settled on black, white & tan with gold metalics and
pops of green through plant accents. Style-wise, we wanted clean
lines, vintage touches, warm meaningful pieces that made the
space feel personal, touches of nature and as a fun tidbit, I really
love little woodland creature figurines.




Starting with this: we now have a giant beautiful fireplace and I was so
excited to decorate our mantle. It is a perfect mix of all the elements of our
style in one beautiful focal point. The fact that creating it was so
affordable is just the cherry on top.




The personal touch: framed pics of us over the last 14 years [matted frame: $5.99]
Vintage piece: still functional silver alarm clock [$9.99]
Nature + green: cute little potted plant [$1.99]
Woodland creature + gold metalic: this cute lil chipmunk [$6.00 @ an antique shop]




The 2 frames in this picture were really affordable (under $5) at Thrift Town
and I actually painted them both (paint is cheap – look for good shape!).
We regularly make little banners to hang in the large frame for whatever the
season or occasion is. Sometimes we place a vase of fresh flowers in front
and “frame” them.


The glass jar [$0.99] is very special to me as each of the corks inside have a
date and description of who we shared that bottle with and the occasion.


Off on either side of this pic are a vintage glass medicine bottle
with a found feather, and beautiful natural white coral.




I love orchids and they’re very delicate and can be difficult to maintain
and keep happy. When I found this beautiful life-like fake orchid at Thrift
Town [$7.99] it was the best possible scenario. I’ve had it for 10 years and
it looks pretty dang beautiful in our new home.




This leather photo album has our wedding pictures in it and this vintage gold
birdcage [$4.99] has an adorable glossy white owl inside [$0.99] that I
painted myself. Love my lil woodland creatures.


There are just a few corners of my wonderfully thrifted
house. Is your house fabulously thrifty? We wanna see it!
TAG US! @thrifttown


XOXO — Kari




    Kari Shipman is thrifty, crafty, resourceful and is a passionate momma and business owner. She has been our featured blogger since we started the blog in 2010, and has a serious passion for helping women in need. Kari owns her own Fashion Consulting Business, Juniper James and lives out her passions in Northern California with her wonderful husband Charles, and their feisty little girl Olive.


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