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Or, in this case – Gift cards to Thrift Town. Which, personally, I’d much rather have than a chicken dinner. We have had a whole month of receiving your awesome entries for our Thrifted Outfit Contest, and let me just say – you are all so creative and thrifty! It was so fun to see each entry as it came in, each person’s personality and excitement over their finds was inspiring. I wish you call could win, but alas, I had to pick one winner. It was hard, but when all the entries had come in….

THE WINNER IS: Ann T from Sacramento!

    We were just absolutely taken by Ann’s sunny disposition and her equally vibrant outfit. She definitely colors outside the lines, not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to wardrobe, but just ends up looking fabulous.


    I love how MUCH color is in each of these shots. I wouldn’t think to pick out any of these pieces individually, much less all together…but it just WORKS.


Here’s a little of what Ann had to say: “Upon hearing that I could enter a contest sponsored by Thrift Town AND show off a thrifted outfit AND have a chance to win a
$75 gift card, I was freakin’ stoked! Sacramento is fortunate enough to have three TT locations, all of which I visit frequently. And I have once been to the San Francisco location, and although it was many years ago I still have the dress I bought. The official rules state that the outfit doesn’t have to be 100% thrifted, but I was able to use four parts thrift town scores to one part ebay and one part Sacramento antique fair.”




So the breakdown is:


60s brown boots, 4.99 Thrift Town Sacramento- 410 El Camino Sacramento,


home sewn dress, 3.99 Thrift Town Carmichael


contemporary pink blouse, 3.99 Thrift Town Sacramento- Stockton Blvd.


brown tights, new in package, .69 Thrift Town Sacramento Stockton Blvd.


60s pink furry hat, $10 Sacramento Antique Fair


orange furry boa, $25 ebay


. . . . .


So we already were loving the bright orange and pink ensemble, and then we got the second entry from Ann, and that kind of pushed us over the top. So the story is:


“My aunt and I both thrifted these outfits at different thrift towns on different days. What are the odds? I got mine at the Thrift Town on Fair Oaks Blvd, and my aunt thrifted hers at  the El Camino Thrift Town. We both love our dresses and paid less than ten bucks each! Good taste obviously runs in the family!”


    This is just too cute.Love the matching dresses & mutual knack for thrifting!


We had so many great contestants, and appreciate each one of you taking the time to shop our stores and enter the contest. Ann isn’t our only winner though – we also had a comment contest that would have a commentor chosen at random at the end of the month… So our winner for the comment contest is:


Sara K. from Sacramento!

Our comment contest winner was chosen completely at random, and just so happened to also be from Sacramento! Well, both of our winners will have 3 awesome Thrift Town Stores to choose from when spending their winnings. 🙂


In case you missed it – we’re officially in Prom Contest Mode! Check out the    blog entry and get your entries in!


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What do you think of Ann’s bright, winning look?


Would you wear something like this?


. . . . .


We LOVE your input! Feel free to leave a comment below,and tell us your story.
Add your unique finds & perspective to our Thrift Town Blog!


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  1. Woo Hoo!! Congrats Ann!! I absolutely LOVE the dresses that you and your aunt got! How crazy is that, great minds always think alike!! =D

  2. Wheee!! Thanks soooooo much, can’t wait to see what treasures I might buy with a $75 gift card!! Probably an entire new wardrobe!!!

  3. aww what a cute and playful photoshoot~ i love shopping at thrift town, so it’s nice to see other young women enjoying themselves as well. thrifting is the way to go! congrats on the win =)


  4. rozafelle

    congrats ladies!!

  5. In love with the matching dresses. Congratulations Sacramento peeps!

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  7. so fun — love the bright colors!

  8. Wow! You ladies hit the jackpot…absitively outstanding! Don’t ya just love retro?

  9. Is that a “Marlin”? They could have had a model with that kind of dress for an ad for a Rambler Marlin. Nice photo