Thrifted Outfit Contest

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and you could win a $75 Thrift Town gift card!

I am a BIG fan of thrifting (and Thrift Town!), but not just because I write the blog here. I have been shopping at Thrift Town and advocating for thrift since I was little and have always been proud of my creative, 100% second-hand looks.

Two years ago I started my own blog,   Juniper James– showing people how to shop green/secondhand, help the community & still look great. In writing for Thrift Town, I have a whole new avenue of thrift loving, with DIY posts and showing off the awesome finds you all come across… but I’ll be honest, the outfit posts are still always my favorite! There are now a whole host of thrifty bloggers out there who love Thrift Town as much as I do, and post their thrifted looks on their own blogs.

I’m of the opinion that you don’t have to be a fashion blogger, or spend a lot of money to have great style. Every time I’m in Thrift Town (which is a couple times a week minimum) there are tons of people buying great clothes. Well, we want to see them!

Here are aΒ couple of my Thrift Town outfits, all of which were under $20 for the whole outfit! Hope these get your creative juices going… we want to see some pop & pizazz! Who says secondhand isn’t fashionable?



Keep it simple or add props – get as creative as you want!




We want to see YOUR Thrift Town outfits!

We’ll be awarding the best (guy or girl) thrifted outfit with a $75.00 gift Card to Thrift Town. This contest is running for the whole month of March, so send us a photo and price/details of your best thrifted outfit. Your outfit doesn’t have to be 100% thrift or Thrift Town, but of course, the more the better.


All entries MUST include your name, address, phone number, a short story about the item(s), the store location of the purchase (if applicable), cost, and a photo. All entries may be used by Thrift Town for marketing purposes. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Send all entries to Deadline to enter is March 31, 2011.


Wait! There’s more! You could WIN a $25 Gift Card for commenting on a post!
Comment on any of our posts, old or new AND we’ll be randomly awarding a $25.00 Thrift Town gift card to a commenter on the blog from the month of March.
The more comments, the more chances to win (starting now)!


We’ll be picking both winners at the end of the month.
I absolutely cannot wait to see your submissions!


Happy March everyone! – Kari




  1. I am excited about this contest… especially because i just found a great dress at Thrift Town for $5 πŸ™‚

  2. Tami Aschenbrenner

    I love the outfit of the girl reading a book in the nook of a tree. I could see my daughter wearing that! It doesn’t say but I bet she was able to score the whole outfit at Thrift Town.

    • Tami – All the pictures from this post are of me, the Thrift Town blogger Kari. And yes, I DID get that whole outfit at Thrift Town for under $20 total!! I hope you are able to send us a pic of you (or your daughter) in a Thrift Town look for our contest! – Kari

  3. carol chapman

    wow, those skull & crossbone rubber boots are to die for! Last time I saw such a great buy like that I had to hold my breath and slowly, and carefully mosey over and SNATCH them off the shelf before anyone else could see the GREAT find I had spotted. Oh yea, that was today at the Thrift Town sale where I grabbed a NEW pair of Skechers for $15.99! A splurge for me considering my normal finds, but I was just pricing NEW Skechers, and had to walk away! I’m so happy…for you and your great find, and for ME!

    • Carol – you just described my shopping experiences at Thrift Town. That’s the beauty of it though, everyone gravitates toward different things. So your Skechers are my vintage handbag (or gorgeous emerald green 3 inch heels). Congrats on your find! Please, when you find great things you’re exc ited about, send us a picture! I’d love to have a blog post of just pictures from our customer’s finds for the week. Happy Shopping!! – Kari

  4. This is great! I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚

  5. I just shopped at Thrifttown for the first time yesterday. Oh how fun! I will be wearing one of my new things to work on Monday. I spent a grand total of 5.95 and got two new pullover sweaters, one with a scarf attached and a blouse and all were brand names in very good condition!

    • Betty – I’m so happy you’ve now been to Thrift Town! It’s exciting to find name-brand clothes for way less. Congrats on your new additions, and hopefully you’ll be back again and again. – Kari

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  7. I shop at Thrift Town almost every week. I’ve got a bunch of great outfits and jewelry I’ve pieced together over the years. Can’t wait to see all the looks!

  8. Makenzie

    i <3 THRIFT TOWN

  9. I just love Thrift Town. I needed a couple suits to wear to an interview and for under $50 I got 3 suits with blouses and one necklace plus I landed the job:) Yahooo

  10. how i miss thrift town…i need more time to SHOP!!!

  11. I have shopped at Thrift Town for myself, my daughter and everyone I know. I have found many wonderful items, even great items for my animals. All my work outfits have been from Thrift Town, my exercise wear, dress up and casual wear. I tell everyone to shop there and most of my friends do. I’ll have to pick one to send in for the contest. Fun.

  12. Excited! Cant wait to enter!

  13. Yay! I’m really excited about this contest. I love thrift and vintage goodies! I think I have the perfect dress that I want to share with everyone. Now I just need to take a pretty photo…

    *p.s. I love your blog!

  14. Anna Cowan

    Every day people comment on my clothes, and everyday I tell them I got it from Thriftown πŸ™‚ Why wouldnt you buy clothes that cost less, look great and at a place where the selection is constantly updated πŸ™‚

  15. I love Thrift Town Sacramento! I have been faithfully shopping at their store since I discovered it in it’s old location further down Fruitridge. Their clean, organized, and large selections keeps me coming time after time, not to mention the friendly staff. Thanks Thrift Town for making thrift shopping so much fun!

  16. Angela P

    Love Thrift Town! I look forward to my weekly trip all week long!

  17. I’ll be entering my son’s outfit he’s used for three special occassions so far.

  18. Wow
    I am going to enter this πŸ™‚

  19. These outfits are super creative. I am very impressed with the style and abundance of clothing types at Thrift Town–way better than DI!

  20. Martini

    Watch out guys and girls I have a whole walk-in closet full of only thrifted clothing. My kids think the mall is only for seeing Santa and the Easter Bunny! Good Luck to Everyone and I really look forward to seeing everyone’s creative looks, hope ya’ll don’t mind if I borrow some πŸ™‚

  21. Bernadette Moya

    This contest makes me super excited. I love shopping at thrift stores ever since my mom has taken me to one. Thrift Town has unique finds and has a reasonable price. I am 22 and a college student with a budget. And when I go to the mall everything adds up pretty fast and the stores that I go to seems so overwhelming because of the same stuff over and over again. I love shopping at Thrift Town because I can find unique and affordable things that not a lot of people has. love love love…:D

  22. I shop at Thrift Town or another thrift store every week! The outfits look fantastic and I’d love to see more (:

  23. I love my Thrift Town
    It totally rocks
    From necklaces and purses
    To awesome shoes and socks

    Nifty lamps and dishes
    Pictures in quaint frames
    Movies, chairs, and couches
    Barrettes and books and games

    I could shop and shop for hours
    To me it’s such a pleasure
    Redeeming my TT coupon and
    bringing home my treasure.

    I don’t need those fancy stores
    that glitter in the mall
    I love my Thrift Town
    That really says it all!

  24. Chrissy

    I am going to enter this contest for sure. I wonder if we are supposed to enter just one outfit or a few outfits like the example…if anyone knows please let me know!

  25. I’d like to enter the contest, but I’ve gotten so much great stuff there, I wouldn’t know which outfit to choose.

  26. Kimberly

    Sweet! I am totally gonna enter this contest! πŸ™‚

  27. I shop at Thrift Town twice a week…i find so many great things. I’ll be sending my pix in πŸ™‚

  28. Sonja Jimenez

    I have become known as the ThriftTown queen at my school. So many teachers have now gone to ThriftTown to look for their own bargains. I am always receiving complements on my clothes from teachers and parents!

  29. I can’t wait to enter this contest!! I just went through all my Thrift Town clothes & forgot some things I had! I shop there all the time, and I am a big fan of Kari’s personal blog & ever since she started writing Thrift Town’s Blog. Good luck everyone!

  30. Rosalba Esparza

    I have so many outfits that ive made from shopping at Thrift Town! I always get comments about how cute they llok. what i love the most is that when they ask you “where did you buy it?” With the intent to copy you, you say Thrit Town! hahaha It encourages originality!

  31. I love what I call “TT’s” i have been shopping there since i was a lil girl in elementary. Now i Am in my late 20’,,,lol…always find great deals and espec deals for my 7 year old daughter and 4 yr old son…

  32. Jose Luis

    I love you thrift town!!! I love the second hand items you sell and the staff are fun and friendly. I just bought this cool record turn table at a good price and it works wonderfully.

  33. Anna Lee

    El Sobrante Trift town is one of my favorite stores to shop in. So much interesting stuff to buy at a very good price. Not only that, the staff are friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work!

  34. Jose Luis

    I love you thrift town!!! I just bought a cool turn table that would have cost me alot at regular store. You have saved me extra dollars from being spend. I esp. love your staff who were friendly and helpful during the purchase. I definitely will come back to your store for more items.

  35. Miss_Pin_Up

    I am very excited about this contest. I have a Thrift Town right behind my house. I can go through my back gate and be in the parking lot. Needless to say, I am in there almost every other day. I dont necessarily buy something every day, but 9.5 times out of 10 I do. LOL. I do pin up modeling for car shows and events so I am always looking for vintage clothing. I have found some amazing items at the 3 local thrift towns in my area. I cant wait to see what people have come up with as well as posting my great finds. WooHoo!!!! $75 just for looking great in Thrift Town Clothes. Right On!!!!!

  36. Miss_Pin_Up

    couple quick questions…..

    1. will pics of outfits be posted so we can all see the great finds people have come across?

    2. can we enter more than once or should we just send multiple outfit shots in one entry?

  37. My daughters and I are huge TT fans. When I come home with the bags I get rushed!

  38. Thrift Town saved me a bundle on my daughter’s wedding. I found three bridesmaid dresses that ACTUALLY fit her friends. Went in a few days later and found a fourth dress the same color. I paid $5 to $6.00 for each dress. Thank you, thank you! My daughter DOES NOT KNOW WHERE I GOT THE DRESSES — LOL!! But you may use the pictures but not in the Tribune please!
    I’ll be sending a picture of the wedding line to show you.
    Brenda Phillips

  39. I get the shakes if I haven’t been into Thrift Town for a few days. I pass by every now and then and cannot resist coming in to see “what’s new!”
    I have been watching What Not To Wear on TV and started shopping the “better” clothes. Not being able to spend lots of money on my “new look,” I knew I’d find something really nice at Thrift Town….and guess what — I found three suede jackets (not all at the same time, though!), brown, teal, and beige…all beautiful and in EXCELLENT condition. Then I found a “frilly” blouse that looks tremendous with the teal jacket (all of them!!!). A while back I found some black slacks (at T.T.) that work with this outfit soooo well!!!
    The only thing I did buy from a retail store were some “on sale” boots for less than $20. So I now have, at least, a $150 outfit!
    I will be sending a picture of this outfit in as soon as I get someone to take a picture for me.
    Brenda Phillips

  40. Victor Bautista

    I really love thrift stores. They have been a big help ever since I came to the USA. I have found so manny things that I have always wanted.I like to dress up and wear nice cloths .Iam always looking for unusual itmes, vintage clothings, or anything that looks nice! That’s why I always go to my local Thrif Town in San Fr ancisco, Ca, This store was actually the very first thrift store that I’d ever stepped into in my life.
    It was an amaizing experience finding so manny things at such low prices.And one unique thing about Thift Town is that the have everything organized and categorized, which makes it easy to shop.
    I have so manny nice outfits from Thrift Town and I think Iam gonna enter the contest.
    Wish me good luck!

  41. I’m all over this!! Thanx to Melody (it’s all happening blog) I just found out!! I will be submitting soon, I’m a thrift store junkie from way back!

  42. I sent in my pics but never got an email back… Im not sure if my pics were received.




  44. I LoVe Thriftown!!!! =}

  45. Can we enter more than one outfit? Because I have recently acquired a ton of adorable outfits for my newborn twins and cant wait to show them off!! =}

  46. melissa

    I have never shopped at Thrift Town before, but I am a active shopper at thrift stores. Thanks to these cute pictures I look forward into shopping at this branch!

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  48. rozafelle

    I’m in! Look out for my entry! Vintage Vagabond.

  49. Wow! Maybe I should enter just went there like three days ago and bought a cute knitted top!

  50. Quick question… I have not received a confirmation for the entries I have submitted, how do I know if they have been received? And is it ok to enter more than one outfit? My family and I just LOVE Thrift town, the one on El Camino in Sac is our favorite!!

  51. Ronda Fitzgerald

    My aunt and I both thrifted outfits at different thrift towns on different days. What are the odds? I got mine at the Thrift Town on Fair Oaks Blvd, and my aunt thrifted hers at el camino. We both love our dresses and paid less than ten bucks each! Good taste obviously runs in the family!

  52. It is so awesome to see all the fashions that you can create for a really low price. I did not come across this website until after the deadline closed, but I am glad that I did. I shop around a lot more than I should for good, inexpensive clothes. I had a baby girl 4 months ago, and with my fluctuating figure, I like to be able to afford clothes and still look good. After I outgrown what I cant wear, I just bring them back to donate for someone else to enjoy. Thank you so much for the great looks. God Bless
    Kimberlee Burns

  53. I am newly inspired by the possibilities of recycled American retail goods. Thanks for your effort.

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  55. sarah

    Ahhhh I love thrift town! You have to do a lot of searching, but no matter what you can always find something!

  56. Wonderful web site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your effort!