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VACATIONS ARE EXPENSIVE. There’s almost no way of getting around it. Between taking time off of work, the actual travel, meals, lodging… however you slice it, everything adds up pretty quick. My family goes to a retreat grounds up in Santa Cruz mountains here in California every year for a week, and thankfully, food, lodging and activities are all included. So once we covered the main vacation expense, it was on to all the little things.


Staying hydrated while you’re on vacation is important, especially for kids, who have
way more activities and playtime than they usually do at home. Although drinks are
provided with meals, we picked up hers & hers cups for toting around camp for the week.

[$1.99 big hers // $0.69 little hers]



And for the adults: coffee may be even more required on vacation than in every
day life. His & hers super-insulated travel mugs were a must. Under $5 each.




Happy to find a cute medium-sized bag to pack all the toddler clothes in. It even
collapses down and buckles to make it half the size if that’s all you need. $7.99



This is my husband’s that he thrifted awhile back – perfect size for all his out
of town travel, and it doesn’t blend in with the sea of black bags at an airport.




This was a funny little thrift score: a beach towel with the full CandyLand board
game printed on it! So fun. We totally played it while out at the lake using little
pebbles, and added sharpie-drawn letters for the dice.




And then the $1.99 woven (breatheable) tote for carting towels to and from the
pool and beach. Sand sifts out for the most part, and it holds quite a bit. When
not in use, it easily rolls up in another bag to bring along.


Well, I’m off to play horseshoes, climb a rock wall and get a little sun by the pool before dinner (which I DON’T have to cook!) – why can’t vacation be real life all the time??


Do you rock your vacation thrift style?
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Happy thrifting! — Kari




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