Thriftmas Decorating

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WOO-HOO for December!
Things are starting to feel just a little bit festive…




The sights, smells, music, family time, decorations…

so cheery and exciting! We all have our traditions, but something we look forward to every year is making it simple and affordable for you to make your holidays feel special. There really is no reason to break the bank to give your home that oh-so-jolly mood. Just rob your piggy bank or check under the cushions on your couch. We’ll wait while you look real quick.

Find anything?
Great! We can work with that.


Don’t throw away your burnt-out outdoor holiday light bulbs. Putting them into a clear vase (easy to find at any Thrift Town for under $1!) makes a cute, free, and earth friendly display. Didn’t keep the burnt-out bulbs from last year? No worries. You can usually find working strings of holiday lights at Thrift Town, but if not, make sure to check for bags with bulbs like these, for just such a display!

Brightly colored ornaments are a sure-fire way to add some holiday sparkle to any drink tray. You can also use this exact same setup as a great centerpiece on a table or bar. Just add some glass beads to the martini glasses (glasses: under a dollar each at Thrift Town), and drop some tea light sized candles in. Glowing and decadent!

So much beautiful glass to be found at Thrift Town. Fill with candles for instant ambiance. And cloth napkins + candy turns silver to hosting gold. Your guests can walk around and satisfy their sweet tooth while admiring your gorgeous (thrifty!) decor.


Raid the trees outside, or your own tree to bring a little of the sights and smells of the season together on your holiday table or hutch. Putting battery operated lights into clear or crystal vases, decanters, or jars are a great way to provide additional light and add a classy, festive vibe to holiday décor.

Combine multiple display ideas and decorate a hutch or bar for guests!


Wreaths don’t just have to be hung on doors and over mantles! Flip one on its back and create a beautiful centerpiece. Place a large candlestick in the center and voilà, beautiful and unique. Oftentimes you can find wreaths already assembled at Thrift Town, but if not (they’re very popular!) you can most likely find all the trimmings to decorate one yourself.


Bring life to your holiday buffet table by using a bright and festive flat bed sheet as a tablecloth. Traditional tablecloths are usually conservative by design, whereas bed sheets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are inexpensive at thrift stores. It’s fun to mix and match unconventional patterns or non-traditional colors for a holiday party. Really make your table pop!

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And for your shopping, wearing, entering and winning pleasure, we present:
Thrift Town December sales and event awesomeness.

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Are you a thrifty holiday decorator? What are your tricks of the trade?


What do you think of our snazzy displays?


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