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It’s a little mushy, but I love LOVE. So while many roll their eyes about hearts and flowers,
I totally eat it up. Especially having a sweet little one to gush over 24/7, it’s fun to make
each holiday a little bit magical for her. If you’ve followed my posts here for any length
of time you know I’m usually a neutrals kinda girl and thus I dress my daughter in a lot
of neutrals. But for Valentine’s day, let’s have a little fun with PINK, shall we??




It doesn’t have to be all frills and flowers to still be pink and fun. This simple
look is great for running around town while still feeling cute and lovey.




White tank with silver pattern: $0.99 // hot pink sweater: $1.99


Necklaces: made by me. I took a thrifted chain of mine and made it mini, then used
dollar store wire and baker’s twine to make the little tassel pendant. Same for the
donut chain, with the tiny rubber donut sourced from a vending machine at an ice
cream parlor. I popped in a metal loop and TADA: it’s an adorable pendant!




Always with the goof-ball faces. If I didn’t include these it would be
a gross misrepresentation of the constant silly-factor at our house.
Little stretchy denim leggings: $0.99




HOW CUTE ARE THESE?? For $2.99, these were like-new and we were so happy
for a break in the rain to get out of boots and into adorable pink lace for a day.




And don’t forget the sweet little pink friends! Most Thrift Town stuffed animals are
under $3, which makes it really easy to amass a full-on zoo at your house, cause how
do you resist?? I always just throw any new stuffed animals into the wash with fabric
softener and then they are ready for non-stop toddler snuggles. And who doesn’t love


Go check out all the cute kid’s clothes, stuffed animals
and Valentine decor at Thrift Town, then tag us in a picture!
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Happy Thrifting! — Kari




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  1. Adorable! Such a sweet and thrifty style.