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Time for cleaning out the old, organizing, and approaching the mundane with new life & creativity. We got an email from a customer with a simple way that she recycles, reuses and puts a little pep into a simple household task: grocery shopping. Thanks to Jana for sharing!




This isn’t a difficult or expensive project (that’s the point!) but so useful and “green”. I look for cotton jersey drawstring shoe bags in the bins at my local Thrift Town store. They’re usually only $0.49.


I add a green rubber stamp border around the bottom. Now they’re best little reusable produce bags for the grocery store! And because they’re closely woven, I can also use them for bulk grains and nuts and pasta, which I transfer to glass jars for the freezer at home. Hope you like!

— Jana T., North Richland Hills Texas

We love that Jana is personalizing & reusing her Thrift Town finds!
It’s important to us that we’re helping our customers make green choices.
And speaking of glass jars,   check out our post on

personalizing secondhand kitchen canisters!


If you can’t find those little bags already made,
there’s no shortage of fabric or clothing at Thrift Town,
and lots of simple tutorials to make your own!

For making your own recycled, reusable bags:

Change up the sizes and fabric, & there are SO many uses for these bags !

  • any size: fun, reusable gift wrapping
  • tiny bags: travel jewelry bag, candy wedding favors, fragrant sachets
    (these were made from thrifted vintage napkins!)



  • personal activity bags for kids in the car (monogram/accessorize for each child)
  • medium bags: produce from the grocery store/farmer’s market
  • BIG sturdy bags: laundry, packing away blankets or out of season clothes
  • any size: fun, reusable gift wrapping

Easy ways to personalize and label drawstring bags:



  • these    pretty no-sew flowers  you can make in a pinch & add to your bags
  • rubber stamp it (like our letter writer)
  • buttons, ribbons, beads…
  • so many possibilities – get creative & make it your own!





Did you shop our awesome REnew Year Sales??


Any fun DIY projects to share?


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  1. Laura Havlick

    I shopped at the REnew Year Sales and really enjoyed myself. I found 3 dresses on one day and found a beautiful desk on the next day. I had to wait to get help to transport the desk but it was worth it! I finally have my new desk in my home and am thrilled. I even took pictures of it to show at work. I will be going back to Thrift Town as soon as I can. Thank you.

  2. Laura Havlick

    The recycling tip I have is this: get a regular-length or long dress and then cut it and hem it so it is about mid-thigh. Then you can throw on leggings and you’re ready to go! I love long t-shirts but since they’re hard to find, I’ve started doing this to expand my wardrobe. It’s usually not too hard to hem something like this. Just look for a style that will work as an A-line and a good fabric and measure from the skirt bottom to where you want to cut it. Then mark it off with chalk and cut. Then you can iron the crease down and pin with pins. Then fold that crease under one more time and iron it and you’re ready to sew.