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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thrift Town consign merchandise?

No. Currently we do not have a consignment or purchase program at any of our locations.

Has everything for sale in Thrift Town been donated to the store?

No. Some (not all) of our Thrift Town locations do accept clothing and household discards for recycling purposes only.

What does Thrift Town do with the stuff it can’t sell?

Thrift Town is fully commitment to responsible recycling, so any merchandise not suitable for sale at Thrift Town is sold to third party vendors who either repurpose the material into other usable products and/or distribute the clothing to third world countries. Although it takes more work, this commitment to recycling helps ensure we keep as much as possible out of our landfills.

Does Thrift Town get a tax break for buying all of its merchandise from sourcing suppliers who benefit schools and nonprofit organizations?No. Thrift Town operates like any other for-profit retailer, and not only pays ALL local, state and federal taxes, but also pays labor, rent, cost of goods, insurances and other standard business expenses.

Does Thrift Town have a mobile app?

Yes we do! Click Here for download information.

If I am having trouble with my VIP rewards points who do I contact?

Email us at info@thrifttown.com