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Where We Come From

Norquist Salvage Corporation is a unique, family-owned business operating fourteen Thrift Town thrift stores in California, Texas and New Mexico. The company was founded in Northern California in 1972 by husband & wife team, Bud & LaVey Norquist, and LaVey’s brother, Steve Moore. Their goal was to make Thrift Town a clean, organized place to shop for well-priced, top-quality secondhand merchandise. The original partnership with the first grassroots nonprofit organization was about trust, loyalty and integrity – it was about bringing smiles to people’s faces. A simple handshake and they were off and running to make a difference.

The young owners felt coming to Thrift Town should generate the type of excitement people had when the circus was on town! The original Thrift Town logo was bright red with a circus-style font and a waving banner. Over the years, we have updated our logo, but we still use bright red as our primary color, and we will always wave our Thrift Town banners with great pride! In fact, some of our stores still have their original circus font storefront signs from the early years! Now we’re talking authentic vintage!

The Thrift Town founders were committed to earning an honest living, while benefiting nonprofit organizations that provided real benefits to the local community. The original commitment and core values established in 1972 still hold true with the next generation currently running the business today.

The concept of our business is extraordinary. Not only is our company good for the community, it is also good for our charity partners, the environment, and our crew members.

We have built our business around people. We take great pride in providing a fun, safe work environment, competitive wages and excellent benefits to our employees, fair and generous contracts with our nonprofit partners and exceptional customer service to our valued customers.

Thrift Town is an authentic thrift store experience. A company filled with great history and numerous accomplishments. A company that embraces excitement and takes pride in bringing smiles to people’s faces.


Thrift Town ~ Your First-Class Secondhand Store!