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Thrift Town is fully committed to making a difference every day! We value our community, our charity partners, our crew members and our customers. We are proud of our commitment to recycling and to making the world a better place.

Thrift Town is about People

At Thrift Town, we know that people are the backbone of our business. Thrift Town is all about personality, creativity and diversity. It’s about encouraging, inspiring, recognizing and rewarding the people, crew and customers, who bring Thrift Town to life every day!

Thrift Town is about Supporting Charities

Thrift Town PURCHASES its top-quality gently-used merchandise from sourcing suppliers, such as ReUseIt & Midwest Textiles, who purchase the merchandise from donations made to schools and nonprofit organizations from local communities throughout our country. Because all merchandise purchased by Thrift Town benefits schools and other nonprofits organizations, Thrift Town has helped to raise over $250M for local schools and nonprofit organizations in our communities.

Thrift Town is about Recycling.

Thrift Town purchases over 50 tons of usable clothing and household items every day. That equates to over 40 million pounds of usable items being kept out of our local landfills each year! Any items we do not sell are recycled locally or sent to developing countries around the world.

Thrift Town is about Value.

Thrift Town provides an alternative to mainstream retail. Thrift Town is a place where customers from the local community find top-quality secondhand merchandise at exceptional bargain prices.

Thrift Town is about Bigger Purpose.

Thrift Town is proud to offer rewarding, meaningful jobs and career opportunities for people who are looking for more than just a job. What we do at Thrift Town every day matters.