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Everyone wants life to be a little simpler, decisions be a little easier to make, things be more affordable and to look effortlessly pulled together at all times, right? Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? If I said I’d “been wanting one” for awhile that’d be a lie. I wanted to want one, because it seemed to make getting dressed so much simpler, but I didn’t actually want to give up all the great clothes I love in order to attain the simplicity. Then a capsule wardrobe kind of happened to me.


I have tried to do the capsule wardrobe a few times and I just couldn’t let go of the volume of clothes I have, mostly because I actually like and wear almost all of it. But then our landlord told us he was selling our beautiful house and we needed to find a new place. By the time we had to move, we still didn’t have a place lined up and I had to pack almost everything in storage and pick just one small bin of pieces to have while we stayed with friends.




This is now all of what I choose from every day. I’m just over a month into my forced pared-down wardrobe and I’m not in agony over lack of choices like I thought I’d be. It is so FREEING to have a super versatile set of pieces that can mix and match any which way, and I know it will look good. I have yet to have one of my sessions where I try on a ton of different outfits and just can’t decide. It is WAY easier to be decisive with less to choose from.




ONE pair of sandals. Two pairs of booties, 1 black, 1 brown. 1 pair of heels. 1 pair of tennis shoes. That’s it. WHAT? Just essential well-made pieces.

Here’s a super comfy look I threw on to run some errands. The beauty of it is, almost any of these pieces can be dressed up or down and are versatile (especially since they’re  all neutral) and I didn’t over think it, or get overwhelmed because there weren’t a TON of things to choose from.



All neutrals. Cozy, comfy.




Love the super subtle pattern that gives it interest without being too much.




Layers of soft and simple.




The great thing about springtime (and layers): un-layering if need be, and still looking cute.




And in a pinch, I can swap out the sweatshirt for a less casual cardigan, throw on some booties and bring it up a notch from running errands to grabbing dinner with a friend.


The big question is: what am I going to do when we get everything in storage and I have 5x the amount of stuff again?   DONATE. 

Now that I know that I can not only survive with less, but am actually thriving in it, the only thing that could feel better is sending my things on for someone else to love.

You can go   HERE for info on how to donate. Happy purging and donating!


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