Batty October Outfit

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We thought we’d repost Hailey’s blog from last October. Clever idea Hailey!

OCTOBER IS HERE! I’m already so excited for Halloween that I have to have something festive to wear while I wait for my favorite holiday! It’s been warm but crisp in the bay area lately, so I thought a shawl or shrug would be perfect.

Black Batty Shrug




Step 1: Fold a black bedsheet in half horizontally.  I traced bat wings on a black bedsheet. I folded it in half again to keep them symmetrical.


Step 2: I cut the wings out.


Step 3: I sewed the edges, cut arm holes, and sewed loops to the ends of the sleeves to hold them in place.


Step 4: Wear!


(I paired my shrug with some vintage thigh-highs and a cute black Forever 21 dress from Thrift Town for $4.99!)


I hope you guys enjoyed my blog!






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