Hello Pantone, It’s Not Your Grandma’s Spring Pallette

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Back in the day, Pantone created ink colors for the printing press. They still do, but with the invent of digital printing, Pantone press colors are a little less needed than they used to be. Pantone branched out into the paint biz and Read More →

Hooray for GREEN!

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Go Green! A Thrift Town Celebration of Glorious Green! March is a perfect time to celebrate GREEN! Of course, St. Patrick’s Day falls in March and as the old Irish legend has it, if you don’t wear green on March 17th prepare to Read More →


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Thrift Town has so many fabulous books, and we frequently celebrate reading in a BIG way with  Huge 50% Off ALL Books Sales. Check out our Sales and Pomos page to see if we’re having a book sale anytime soon! Read Across America Read More →

Hooray for Hollywood! Glam it up Thrift Style!

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Truth be told, the Academy Awards are not nearly as exciting this year as last because our favorite movie “Lady Bird” (filmed partly at Thrift Town on El Camino in Sacramento) is not up for the 5 Academy Awards that it was in Read More →

Thrifty Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it is one of my most favorite holidays. What can I say, I’m a fan of LOVE. Valentine’s isn’t just a day spent with a significant other, but it’s also a day to show all Read More →

Hundreds of Children’s Books are Bound for Paradise School Library

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This week we have a sweet story about giving back. We have two amazingly generous and thoughtful employees at our Thrift Town Support office named Desi and Jennifer. Desi set out to help her niece with her school’s (McKinley Elementary School in Tracy, Read More →

Getting Crafty With Sweaters!

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Thrift Town blogger Gina shows how to transform sweaters into legwarmers, boot toppers, finger-less gloves and more in this edition of Mommy Moments. Read More →

M’m M’m Good – January is National Soup Month! + Roasted Tortilla Soup Recipe

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Soup warms the body and the soul, and chicken soup is unexplainably good for colds. Soup is amazing and simply put, soup is good food.  I was so excited to learn that soup had its own national month that I decided to blog about Read More →

WINTER ESSENTIALS: cold weather cute

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It’s that time of year when it feels like it’s been cold for a liiiiiiittle too long, and we’re all yearning for a bit of warmth and sunshine. But while it insists on being cold for a month or so, we might as Read More →

Artistic Up-Cycled Fashion for an Intentional Wardrobe

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Choosing a piece of clothing says something about you. Beyond trends, we all have our own unique style that we portray through color, fit, pattern and more. We also have the opportunity to either support “fast” or “slow” fashion when we choose our Read More →