WINTER ESSENTIALS: cold weather cute

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It’s that time of year when it feels like it’s been cold for a liiiiiiittle too long, and we’re all yearning for a bit of warmth and sunshine. But while it insists on being cold for a month or so, we might as Read More →

Artistic Up-Cycled Fashion for an Intentional Wardrobe

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Choosing a piece of clothing says something about you. Beyond trends, we all have our own unique style that we portray through color, fit, pattern and more. We also have the opportunity to either support “fast” or “slow” fashion when we choose our Read More →

Vogue Cover Recreated- We’re Gaga for Lady Gaga!

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Awhile back Good Day Sacramento did an exciting story on recreating four iconic Vogue Cover photos. In this post, we are featuring the Lady Gaga Cover recreated with Thrift Town finds for under $15! I’ve got to say, it looks like a million bucks! Read More →

Thrift Town Customers are Thrifty Cool! See Our Winners June – December 2018

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We LOVE when you give us a shout out and #ThriftTown on Instagram! Our customers are so talented and creative. Their photos delight and inspire us greatly! Thrift is beautiful and these winners’ photos exemplify the beauty of thrift and the excitement of Read More →

Sparkle Like Lynzie- Upcycling with Vintage Jewelry

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My sister Lynzie Norquist was a guest blogger back in 2013. She LOVED to make things sparkle just like she did. To honor her, I’m reposting a few of her beautiful handcrafted items and I’m linking back to a couple of her “how Read More →

Thrift Town is an AMAZING Source for White Elephant Gifts

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A Brief, but Very Interesting History…  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A White Elephant Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa is a party game where amusing, impractical gifts are exchanged during festivities. Usually, the goal of a white elephant gift exchange is to entertain party-goers rather Read More →

Vanity & Jade’s Thrift Town Challenge

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We’d like to give a huge shout out to the very talented Vanity and Jade for creating an awesome “Thrift With Us” fashion video at our San Antonio Thrift Town Store. We challenged them each to purchase a full outfit for under $25. Check Read More →

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes – Time Saver!

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Mashed potatoes are a little scoop of heaven. For me, they are the star of the holiday table. The holiday food I love most. They’re fluffy, smooth, buttery, salty, and savory. If you can’t tell, I HEART mashed potatoes. They are also tricky Read More →

10 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips & One Table Two Ways- Under $100

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Some people get stressed out and unnecessarily worked up over hosting Thanksgiving. I like to approach it with an everything will turn out great attitude. Aside from a fried turkey fire, not much can go wrong. On Thanksgiving the food is clearly the star, Read More →

Got Game? Secondhand Sporting Clothing and Equipment Can Help You WIN BIG by Saving Money

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Sports are so incredibly good for us humans- old and young alike. Sports and athletics have many health benefits; they build health and fitness, both physical and mental. Keep at it and these benefits will see you throughout your lifetime. Sports teach us Read More →