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DIY Flower Frame

Looking for a fun, beautiful, and simple summer DIY project? This is the perfect project if you’re wanting to add a little decoration to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or whatever room it may be! This project adds the perfect touch of delicate Read More →

CRAZY TOY HAUL: how we saved $620 on an AWESOME train set

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It’s one of my general (personal) parenting rules to not even dip my toe into the pool of “expensive hobbies”, cause even if you buy things one piece at a time, it can get addicting and well, expensive. My nephew LOVES trains, and had been wanting Read More →

Tin’s the Season

The holidays are upon us! If you love to recycle and find that you have an abundance of cookie tins, they make cute decor and gift boxes! Thrift Town has great tins for low prices.            I bought these festive cookie Read More →


When you think of Christmastime and childhood, most people talk about Santa and wanting LOTS of toys. Well, what if real life means you as a parent don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on your littles but you still want them to Read More →

Thriftmas Presents!

Thriftmas Presents! Grabbing 5 thrifty ideas from my 5 favorite projects, this blog will give you fabulous ideas for thriftmas shopping this year! Not all gifts have to be expensive in order to be nice. To me, it’s always the thought that counts Read More →

Thrifted Stocking Stuffers!

December is here and I’m so excited to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends! Gift shopping at Thrift Town is always so much fun, I’m always pleasantly surprised by what I find! This time I found some great stocking stuffers.    Read More →


ANIMAL PARADE Going into the holidays, most of us have people of all sizes on our lists, and sometimes it takes seeing how great something*can be* to be on the lookout. This week in toys, I found some awesome characters who might look Read More →

Easy End of Year Teacher Gifts!

6-Easy DIY Teacher Gift Ideas! Read More →


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BABES IN TOYLAND: a playful thrifted haul I want my kid to have cool and educational toys just like the next parent, but the cost of raising a child these days is pretty staggering, and toys from department stores are SO expensive. If Read More →

Uniquely Fun Flower Pots!

Check out these fun, thrifty and unique flower pots I found at Thrift Town! Read More →