Celebrity Looks. Thrift Store Budget.

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” I woke up like this”. A phrase that someone says when they wake up looking good.  If you scour the tabloids at the grocery store, movie stars look like they “wake up like this” every day with their perfect hair, make-up and super stylish clothing. It’s annoying really. Hollywood makes it look so effortless, but it’s not. It takes a team of stylists and a lot of cash to look like they do.

Our team at Thrift Town chose some celebrity photos to see if we could imitate their celebrity style for a whole lot less with good ol’ sustainable recycled fashion from Thrift Town. We recreated these movie star looks (head to toe) for about $10-$30. You can too! To see photos of the stars wearing look-a-like outfits, visit our celebrity pinterest board.


Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Darren Chriss & Supermodel, Lily Aldridge


Academy Award Winning Best Actress, Halle Berry

Award Winning Musician, John Legend


Model, Kaia Gerber

Reality Star & Model, Kendal Jenner

Academy Award Winning Best Actress, Reese Witherspoon

Left, Model, Kaia Gerber and Right, Movie Star, Author, Model, Kate Hudson

Singer/Actress, Selena Gomez

Singer/Actress, Selena Gomez



I am the art director and marketing manager for Thrift Town. I have worked for Thrift Town for just about twenty years and I'm passionate about thrift, decorating, entertaining, crafting and, of course Thrift Town.


  1. Yasmine

    Thanks for sharing some of the reasons why you can travel more. We also raised 3 kids in a 1288 sq ft house and paid it off in 18 years. We”ve been here for 42 years. We own 2 older Hondas. I like to shop at thrift stores. I think some of it comes down to choices. I choose to spend time playing this game and travel for a lot less. I enjoy experiences rather than things. I”m willing to start people with the basics of this game, but most don”t really want to put time or effort into it anyway. I used to feel guilty for traveling so much, when others said they couldn”t afford it, but I”m over that!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    This blog is awesome! My mom began shopping for us at the Thrift Town in Del Paso Heights in the 70’s and we never looked “second hand”. You just proved again that you don’t need to spend your paycheck to look like a star when you shop Thrift Town!

    • ashley

      Thank you Teresa! You have officially made our day. Thanks for thrifting!

  3. Shannon Brinkley

    Great job on your recreations. I was about to skip the ad but was intrigued by the title. Fun!

    • ashley

      So glad you didn’t skip! Our team did an amazing job on this. Happy Thrifting!

  4. Catina Ogunmokun

    My whole closet is thrift town I dress my myself grandkids I’m there for Christmas Easter all the holidays is really amazing how much money you can save i’ve been shopping here since I was a teenager first time started shopping at the one in San Francisco on mission street

    • ashley

      Thanks for being such a supportive fan of our stores. We truly appreciate it and work hard every day to make Thrift Town a magical place.