Chalk Painted Holiday Trays

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Chalk paint is a darling of crafters and makers because it’s generally self priming. With chalk paint you can USUALLY skip the step of priming which is glorious! However, when painting silver plate, you NEED to prime it.¬† I learned this the hard way when I went to apply the second coat and all the paint lifted up and created a hot mess.


  1.  Polish your silver.
  2. Tape off areas that you do not want painted.
  3. Spray prime surface and dry. There are amazing magnetic primers that can be found at the craft store if you’d like to turn your tray into a magnet board.
  4. Chalk paint your silver treasure with the chalk paint of your choice (comes in spray or can). Chalk paint can be purchased at paint, craft and home improvement stores across the land. It also comes in a variety of colors, especially when you buy it in the non-spray form.
  5. Paint as many coats as needed (2-3 should do the trick.) Let it fully dry between coats.
  6. Remove the tape. Clean up the edge of the paint line. I used my fingernails, but a butter knive or any semi sharp object should do.
  7. Let your crafty tray dry completely and add any chalk or chalk pen messages to your treasure.
  8. Enjoy!
  9. For more ideas, scour pinterest.





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