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Here in California, the spring sunshine is SO welcomed after a rainy dreary few months.




And two of the best things about springtime are:
1. everything is blooming
2. bright fun spring fashion.


Having a busy little one who wants to run and play can feel a little crazy when
you’re cooped up in wet weather, so when the sun is shining, you get OUT.




I found this adorable skirt for $0.99 at Thrift Town and it felt like Spring
embodied in a garment. I know I’m not usually all about bright colors and almost always
dress my girl (and myself) in neutrals… but this skirt was pretty much irresistible.


The only problem: it said it was a size “3 month” skirt, and my daughter is
almost 3 years old. Here’s a little secret about me, in all areas of life – I look
for beauty and potential in everything….




The skirt has plenty of stretch, so I decided she
could rock it as a super cute little spring top.




Looking for the beauty and enjoyment in everyday things often shows up in our daily
life by encouraging her to see, taste, smell new things and find out what her personal
likes and dislikes are. Happy to report: she really likes lavender.




I really love this little skirt-turned-top and will most likely be adding little ribbons for sweet tie straps, and can even add a little solid pink or white panel on the bottom to
give it more length and a longer wearablity for her. Form informs function, so don’t
worry about what an item was intended for – get creative, crafty and CUTE.


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Happy Thrifting! — Kari & Olive




     Kari Shipman is a personal stylist, image consultant and art director with her company   Juniper James. Thrifty, crafty, and resourceful this passionate momma and business owner has been our featured blogger since we started the blog in 2010, and has a serious passion for helping women in need. Kari lives out her passions in Northern California with her wonderful husband Charles, and their feisty little girl Olive.


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