DIY Swimsuit- July 5 is National Bikini Day!

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Summer is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y upon us!  I can’t wait to spend my summer swimming, tanning and having a blast!  To kick off the summer, I decided to try my hand at converting a few tankini tops to bikini tops.  Check out my project!

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is FIND swimsuit material!  I found two swimsuits from Thrift Town and they both were only $1.50!  I chose these suits because the tops had super cute fabric, were a simple pattern and had lots of material to work with!

   Photo Jun 05, 10 59 36 AM

   Photo Jun 05, 11 00 29 AM









Step 2

CUT off the midriff section of the swimsuit top.  Be careful when cutting because you want to preserve as much material as possible!


   Photo Jun 05, 11 01 11 AM







Step 3

TRACE the desired shape/design of the swimsuit onto the “midriff” section of the material.  I chose one of my favorite Jolyn swimsuits to use as the pattern because it’s sporty and has a pretty simple shape!

   Photo Jun 05, 11 03 29 AM









Step 4

CUT out the traced portion and then HEM the edges using some of the remaining fabric! You can also buy some piping from a fabric store if you don’t have enough spare material.  Make sure the tension on your sewing machine is turned down otherwise the stitching may pucker and bunch up.

   Photo Jun 05, 11 09 24 AM







Step 5 (optional)

Add piping around the edges of the swimsuit!  This helps the swimsuit have more structure and gives it a nice finish on the edges!

   Photo Jun 05, 11 10 10 AM







Step 6

ADD straps!  I bought stretchy elastic fabric from a local craft store!  Once you have your elastic, sew it onto the suit!

   Photo Jun 05, 10 57 44 AM









Step 7

WEAR the DIY bikini top on your summer adventures!!!  Also check out my hat! I got it from Thrift Town for $1.99! 🙂

   Photo Jun 05, 10 52 57 AM









   Photo Jun 05, 3 07 55 PM

   Photo Jun 05, 10 54 35 AM













   921541_573721326005433_386351395_oCamilla Ahlquist is a second year Business Marketing college student who lives in Northern California.  Camilla is enthusiastic about thrifting which allows her to affordably combine her unique sense of style and creativity with the latest fashion trends!  Camilla also enjoys DIY projects, drawing, tennis and soccer.

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