Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun. It’s SHARK Week at Thrift Town!

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This week it’s all about the sharks. There is a lot of excitement in America’s family rooms because this blockbuster TV event  ‘Shark Week’ turned 30 this year!

I’ve been tuning in and the new shark cam provides an unseen before look at what sharks do when they think we can’t see them. Want to see breaching sharks? They’ve got that too! Shark Week does a great job educating us about these mysterious sea creatures in a totally entertaining way.  Yes, sharks are a bit scary, but seeing them from the safety of my cozy couch sipping cocoa from my thrifted smiley face mug makes for a great night. Happy Anniversary Shark Week!

In celebration of Shark Week, Thrift Town has jumped on the fun wagon. Our stores have been creating fun and sharky displays to delight and entertain our customers.  At Thrift Town, we love making shopping fun, so we have challenged ourselves to display shark-related items to make your day a little more awesome. Have you seen one of our displays? Let us know what you think.

Has Shark Week gotten you fired up to learn more about sharks or to add a little ocean and beach into your life? Spend some time exploring our store. You never know what you might find to float your boat!



In the spirit of making things interesting, we’re having a contest on Instagram. #ttsharkweek2018 & #thrifttown on a photo of you with one of our Shark Week displays (or any shark or beach themed item while you’re at Thrift Town)  on Instagram and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for a $50 Thrift Town Gift Card on August 1st.

Check out a little bit of Shark Week here!



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