Easy DIY Dip Dyed and Tribal Baskets

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The average price of baskets at Thrift Town is a steal at $0.69- $2.99.

Baskets have been a popular and useful household item, probably since people became people. “The earliest known baskets were made about 27,000 BC in eastern Europe. But people probably made baskets much earlier. They just don’t last very well, because they rot.” https://quatr.us/africa/history-baskets-invented-baskets.htm

Flash forward to modern times and our love affair with baskets continues. Maybe we’re not fetching water from the stream anymore, but they sure come in handy strapped to a cruiser bike, they make a great home for my knitting supplies and they’re a lifesaver when it comes to stashing unsightly household objects. And, don’t get me started on how much I appreciate baskets when it comes to doing laundry. Baskets are the bomb! I’m a fan.  Check out our “We LOVE Baskets” Pinterest board for blow your mind beautiful basket ideas.

How can you make a basket even better looking than it is? Paint! Paint can even turn a tired basket into something fresh and new again. In this post, I’ll show you how to replicate the trend of a dip dye look. A true dip dye is where you dip the bottom of the item in a bucket of paint or dye, but only to a point and that’s how you get that cool line of separation between the natural fibers and the painted area. My baskets were quite large and a sample size of paint was enough to complete my project if I used a brush, so I opted to save on paint costs and brush my baskets. I’ll also paint a striped basket and stencil on a tribal pattern.

Baskets before with misc. painting supplies.

Easy Peasy DIY Basket Painting Steps:

  1. Gather all baskets and supplies (latex paint, painters tape, brushes, drop cloth or paper to protect your work area)
  2. Clean baskets with a dry or slightly damp cloth and let dry
  3. Tape off the design with a good painter’s tape
  4. Paint
  5. If your design has multiple colors you may need to tape (and or stencil), let dry, and paint again. I used tape for the diamond shape and cut a stencil out of wax paper for the squares that worked great.
  6. Remove tape
  7. Let dry before using
  8. ENJOY!

    All taped up and ready to be painted.

    Just a little latex paint and it’s done! The flatter the weave, the less paint needed.

    Painting stripes. You’ll need to let dry and move the tape unless you want an unpainted natural stripe, which also looks good.

    My finished knitting dip dye basket. Yea!

    My super cool tribal painted basket makes a nice home for this bamboo plant.



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